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    Filmmaker and longtime horror literature fan Guillermo del Toro serves as the curator for the Penguin Horror series, a new collection of classic tales and poems by masters of the genre. Featuring original cover art by Penguin Art Director Paul Buckley, these stunningly creepy deluxe hardcovers will be perfect additions to the shelves of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal aficionados everywhere.

    blog imageBeing horror literature fans ourselves, we have endless debates over which is the scariest book of all time. To settle this once and for all, we thought we'd ask our customers to share the book that made them sleep with the lights on and look twice under the bed. The results will be revealed a few weeks before Halloween and they'll be the most frightening reading list of all time. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    Just tell us below which is the most terrifying book you've ever read and you'll be in with a chance to win 3 sets of the Penguin Horror series! The competition ends on Friday 4 October.

    Update: Competition extended to Monday 7 October.

    Update -- winners: Alexander Theihzen, Alex Burchmore, Oliver Robinson The results of our survey are here!

    Competition now closed

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    This year DK guides have a completely fresh, modern look - to the jackets, the interiors, the maps and more. New itineraries will inspire travellers and make trip planning even easier - from short breaks in cities, to longer country trips of between seven and fourteen days. The DK Choice recommended listings highlight restaurants and hotels of special note. Refreshed maps showcase attractions and street names even more clearly, and sophisticated typography means improved overall readability.

    Now DK guides give you the chance to win a shiny iPad mini and 5 DK travel guides of your choice! Just answer the simple question below to be in with a chance to win. Competition ends on Thursday 10 October. Good luck!

    Update -- winner: Anna Bitanga

    Competition now closed

  • Win a signed Goth Girl

    Tue, 03 Sep 2013 15:12

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    Ada Goth is the only child of Lord Goth. The two live together in the enormous Ghastly-Gorm Hall. Lord Goth believes that children should be heard and not seen, so Ada has to wear large clumpy boots so that he can always hear her coming. This makes it hard for her to make friends and, if she's honest, she's rather lonely. Then one day William and Emily Cabbage come to stay at the house, and together with a ghostly mouse called Ishmael they and Ada begin to unravel a dastardly plot that Maltravers, the mysterious indoor gamekeeper, is hatching. Ada and her friends must work together to foil Maltravers before it's too late!

    A deliciously dark new offering from the award-winning author-illustrator Chris Riddell and we have 10 signed copies to give away! Just answer the simple question below by 23rd September to be in with a chance to win.

    Competition now closed

  • Win these awesome scifi books

    Thu, 22 Aug 2013 09:34

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    Now in its third year of publication, Jo Fletcher Books have been lucky to find extraordinary authors that span the whole breadth of the SFF & Horror Genres.

    Under the JFB logo you'll find supernatural crime and police procedurals from Sarah Pinborough and Alison Littlewood, romantic fantasy and SF from Lynda Hilburn and Karen Lord; fast-paced thrillers by Frank Sch�tzing or Peter Liney and epic battles for good against evil from Frank Ryan or Sebastien de Castell. And urban fantasy lovers can discover a London they never even dreamed of with Tom Pollock.

    Let us lead you into a world of wonders ...

    To celebrate we have 3 prizes to give away - 15, 10 and 5 Jo Fletcher books to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. All 3 winners will receive 5 signed editions! Just answer the question below to be in with a chance to win by Monday 16th September.

    Update -- winners: Amy Shepherd, Mike Carver, Tamar Haffner

    Competition now closed

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    It's that time of year again when students are getting ready for school, college and university. To help them get around we've got a fantastic bike to give away courtesy of For Dummies along with six guides to essential student skills to pack in their rucksacks!

    1st prize is the bike + six For Dummies guides. Two runners up will get the six guides.

    Just answer the simple question below by Friday 13th September to be in with a chance to win! We will pick the bike to fit the winner's height.

    Competition now closed

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