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    40 years ago newlyweds Tony and Maureen Wheeler completed an overland trip from London to Australia. It was too amazing an experience to keep to themselves. Urged on by their friends, they created their first travel guide, Across Asia on the Cheap. Within a week they'd sold 1,500 copies, and Lonely Planet was born. Forty years and over hundred million guidebooks later, Lonely Planet is the world's leading travel guide publisher, with over 500 titles available across 9 languages.

    To celebrate 40 years of amazing travel experiences Lonely Planet are sponsoring this great competition. Lonely Planet books have always been known for their distinctive, evocative covers and now it's your chance to have your very own! Simply take a photo that encapsulates the spirit of your local street, village, town, city, or region and that you think would make a great Lonely Planet guidebook cover. The winner will be the entry that best conveys a flavour of a place, or a different take on the obvious; and which contains rich authoritative visual information about the destination, with a strong point of focus, bold composition, and colour. The winning image will be respectful and will have been taken with an awareness of the cultural sensitivities of the place.

    The winner will receive an Olympus PEN E-PL5 + a body cap lens + a case. They will also get a poster of their image, mocked up as a Lonely Planet guidebook cover to their destination! 10 runners up will also receive a poster of their image, mocked up as a Lonely Planet guidebook cover!

    To enter:

    • - Select your best photo.
    • - Title it with your surname and location of the photo.
    • - Head over to our Group flickr page and upload to the group.
    • - Then enter your email address, name and the location of the photo below.

    Best of luck and the competition closes Friday 3 May midnight BST. We'll compile a shortlist and the winner will be announced on Friday 17 May.

    UPDATE: 8 May - The competition is now closed. Check out the shortlisted entries here!

    UPDATE: The Winner!

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    blog image blog image blog image

    Competition now closed

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    Founded in 1996, Capstone is a mold-breaking business publisher, publishing exciting, engaging, and inspiring books to make you better in business. From brushing up on the basics - honing your presentation skills, managing your time, running projects -- to starting and running your own multi-million pound business empire. Capstone also publishes books on personal development -- so if you feel you're lacking in confidence, your work/life balance is all over the place or you could do with a boost to your brain power then we have the book for you!

    Just answer the question below to be in with a chance to win your very own personal development library! Competition ends Thursday 2 May, midnight BST.

    Update 3/5/2013 -- winner: Manuel Rebello de Andrade

    Competition now closed

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    Angry Birds meets Star Wars™ in the DK Angry Birds Star Wars™ Ultimate Sticker Collection, a bumper sticker collection featuring over 1,000 reusable stickers and all your favourite characters from the game and app. To celebrate, DK is offering one lucky winner the chance to win the ultimate Angry Birds Star Wars™ merchandise bundle, packed with mystery figurines, battle pack games and more.

    To enter, simply answer the question below. Competition ends Wednesday 1 May, midnight BST.

    The winner will receive: 5 x Mystery Bags, 1 x Star Wars™ Angry Birds Early Bird Pack, 1 x Star Wars™ Angry Birds At-At, and 4 x Strike Back Packs (assortment of 4)

    Update -- 3/5/2013 winner: Miguel Angel Varas Romeral

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    blog image blog imageblog image

    Competition now closed

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    You could be one of two lucky winners in this great Collector's Library tenth anniversary competition!

    1st prize is a set of 150 Collector's Library books and 2nd prize is a collection of 6 box sets!

    All you have to do is answer the simple question below to be in with a chance to win! Competition ends on Monday 29 April, midnight BST.

    Update 2/4/13 -- we are having an issue with special characters at the moment; if your name has any, please input without them for the time being. This will be fixed tomorrow, apologies for the inconvenience!

    Update 3/4/13 -- issue now resolved!

    1st prize winner - Therese Aroyan

    Runner up - Liz Keener

    Competition now closed

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    Something is brewing at the Book Depository... eggs of nefarious nature have taken over the site and are about to hatch unspeakable horrors and alien threats. Or, we decided to organise a harmless egg hunt. Either way, we have placed the alien eggs around the site and our social media for you to find! The winner will get a collection of advance copies of great books.

    blog image The sinister eggs look a bit like this with variations in colour and hatching levels. (This counts as one by the way!) Tell us below how many eggs there are to be in with a chance to win!

    Don't forget to check out our Twitter, Facebook and Google + accounts.

    HINT: None of the website eggs are more than one click away from the UK homepage...

    Competition closes Wednesday April 3, midnight GMT. Happy hunting!

    Update -- 4/4/13 correct answer: 12 eggs. Winner: Hanna Pelwecki

    Competition now closed

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