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    This year marks the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth. In the centuries that have passed, Shakespeare has gone from man, to artist, to celebrity, to legend. Without a doubt, he remains the most beloved writer that has ever lived with his plays being performed and adapted to the screen every year.

    How better to celebrate the life and achievements of the Bard than with Cambridge University Press? Cambridge has long been printing annotated and scholarly editions of Shakespeare's plays, designed for students and enthusiasts alike. Cambridge also houses the most prestigious collection of Shakespeare scholarship.

    Get inspired by the Bard! In honour of this momentous occasion, we are giving away a glass pen and ink set so you can pen your own masterpiece. You will also receive a Shakespeare from Cambridge tote bag and two titles from the New Cambridge Shakespeare list. View a selection of Cambridge's Shakespeare titles HERE.

    Just answer the question below by Tuesday 2nd December and be in with a chance to win.

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  • Win these Usborne War Books

    Mon, 03 Nov 2014 11:11

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    This year one hundred years will have passed since beginning of the First World War. On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, we remember those who lost their lives in this devastating period of history, as well as in the Second World War and subsequent conflicts.

    After a century, it is now more important than ever to commemorate this war and others and to continue to teach children about the sacrifices made during the First and Second World Wars. Usborne's selection of books provide a fascinating introduction to the First and Second World Wars for children of all ages.

    We have five bundles of Usborne books to give away. This selection includes See inside the Second World War, an extraordinary flap book takes young readers from tanks rumbling across battlefields to submarines, blitzed cities and D-Day and True Stories of the Second World War box set, a collection of three paperback books which contain over thirty real-life accounts of bravery and heroism from men and women around the world who lived through the Second World War. For younger children, Sticker Dressing First World War and Sticker Dressing Second World War give children the chance to get the men and women of the World Wars ready for action, from field marshals to ambulance drivers, soldiers, sailors and pilots.

    Other titles include The Story of the Second World War, The First World War, The World Wars, and The Usborne History of Britain. Together these books, many produced in association with Imperial War Museums, form an unmissable introduction to an essential historical topic. The full selection of Usborne war titles can be seen here.

    To be in with a chance to win, please answer the simple question below by Tuesday 18 November.

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    To celebrate Halloween we are giving you the chance to win some excellent Winnie the Witch goodies! One lucky winner will receive a limited edition print of Winnie the Witch artwork signed by the amazing illustrator Korky Paul and a complete set of signed Winnie the Witch books. And yes, that includes the brand new Winnie the Witch book, Winnie's Big Bad Robot.

    Answer the question below by Friday 21st November to be in with a chance to win. Good luck!

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    As Halloween creeps closer and The Walking Dead TV show returns to screens for its 5th season, we have these fantastic un-dead goodies to help get you through any Zombie apocalypse!

    The Walking Dead has been a global phenomenon and we have the first two phone-book sized compendiums of the comic series to give away. Compendiums 1 and 2 collect the first 16 volumes of the trade paperbacks of the ongoing tale of survival horror and will keep any binge reader happy. They're are a great way to get into the book series which is now up to volume 21 and follows its own path distinct from the TV show; so no one’s favourite character is safe...

    To go with these fantastic books we have some brilliant items that would be the envy of any Zombie survivalist's supply pack. A bottle opener for easy access to any beverages; a bust bank money box to keep your savings safe while things blow over; A jelly mold and silicone tray to make meal and party times all the more gross and interesting, and some action figures to keep you entertained while the Walkers go by!

    If you like the Walking Dead make sure you check out these other great titles from Image Comics including the Sci-Fi / Romance bestselling Saga series.

    Just answer the simple question below by Monday 3 November to be in with a chance to win. Good luck!

    Update -- winner: James Mabazza

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  • Win The World

    Fri, 10 Oct 2014 09:57

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    Welcome to The World! Every country in the world, in one guidebook. Lonely Planet has taken the highlights from the world's best guidebooks and put them together into one 960-page whopper to create the ultimate guide to Earth. This user-friendly A-Z gives a flavour of each country in the world, including a map, travel highlights, info on where to go and how to get around, as well as some quirkier details to bring each place to life.

    To celebrate, one lucky entrant will win a copy of this great title as well as 44 other top selling Lonely Planet titles! Just answer the simple question below to be in with a chance to win.

    Competition now closed

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