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Reviews for When I Fall in Love

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    Captivating and touching!5

    Kate Verrier Having read and enjoyed all of this authors previous books it was a bit of a no-brainer that I would buy this one. As with all Miranda's books the cover was gorgeous and I was looking forward to jumping into her latest creation.

    Wow! I've always loved this authors writing style so I was pretty confident that I would enjoy the book, but I was surprised that I felt so connected to the storyline when I haven't been through it myself. Tears didn't just fall - they poured as this wonderful story took me to places I had never thought of. I didn't only feel sadness though, there was laughter, shock and happiness all rolled up in one fabulous book!

    I was laughing out loud by page two - what a great start! I was keen to find out exactly what had happened eighteen months previously to stop Elsie dating, I was just as keen to find out the meaning of 'The List' and the lovely little notes. Once I understood what they were all about I filled up with tears every time a new one came up.

    Elsie was a wonderfully warm character who I liked straight away, I loved the closeness of her family and I quickly felt like I was a part of it too. A spontaneous singing moment that had me smiling from ear to ear was an important turning point for Elsie and I couldn't wait to see where it would take her.

    I can't write this review without mentioning Woody, he was such a fantastic character (one of my favourites in fact). I would say to watch out for him when you read it but the truth is you won't be able to miss him because he is so vibrant! I found him very easy to visualise and regularly laughed out loud at the things he said:

    "We'll be like undercover agents for the forces of music: choir ninjas, if you will."

    I was completely torn between the two main male characters, I kind of fell in love with them both and couldn't decide who would be best for Elsie.

    The choir was another great part of this book and I thoroughly enjoyed following their progress, one of my favourite choir moments came during a performance - an 84-year-old member finished the show with some awesome air-guitar moves!

    Paris was lovely and also the cause of most of my tears, there was a particularly heartbreaking moment that had me sobbing - it was written beautifully and I was so caught up in Elsie's life that I just couldn't stop crying.

    At the end of the story I got to read the actual 'List' and I thought this was a lovely way to end the book as it made me smile before I closed it.

    This was a captivating tale that really touched my heart in a completely unexpected way. by Kate Verrier

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