What Happy People Know: Volume II: The Path of Emotional Maturity

What Happy People Know: Volume II: The Path of Emotional Maturity


By (author) Chuck Spezzano

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  • Publisher: Balloon View Ltd
  • Format: Paperback | 182 pages
  • Dimensions: 140mm x 214mm x 22mm | 260g
  • Publication date: 1 December 2013
  • Publication City/Country: Newchurch
  • ISBN 10: 1907798285
  • ISBN 13: 9781907798283
  • Sales rank: 735,547

Product description

Another sequel to the ground breaking bestselling book If It Hurts It Isn't Love (over a million sold worldwide), What Happy People Know is a gem of practical wisdom that illustrates what goes on consciously and subconsciously regarding our emotions. It demonstrates how to harness emotions for transformation, using them for healing and integration to bring wholeness and confidence into our lives where there has been wounding, pain, attack and self-attack. This shows an easy way to increase our self-love and recognize how loveable we are, as we transform our emotions and our lives.

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Author information

Chuck Spezzano, Ph. D., and his wife Lency Spezzano, M.S., are the founders of the Psychology of Vision, a transpersonal model of healing that employs cutting edge psychological tools and methodology, and wields the miracle power of grace. The Psychology of Vision centres around three core elements: relationships, leadership (answering the calls for help) and nondenominational spiritual development. Chuck has authored 38 books (3 of them with Lency), and there are 50 certified Psychology of Vision Trainers who teach seminars worldwide. Chuck has travelled internationally for over 40 years, leading cutting edge healing seminars and researching the psychological and spiritual Steps to Oneness. He is an adept at subconscious, unconscious and spiritual work, and is a long time student of A Course in Miracles. He resides on the windward side of the island of Oahu with Lency. For more information about Chuck and Lency and the Psychology of Vision visit www.chuckandlencyspezzano.com or www.psychologyofvision.com

Table of contents

Introduction...11 Common Misconceptions About Emotions...15 1 The Power of Catharsis... 19 2 To Feel Guilt is to Punish Those You Love... 23 3. To Feel Guilt is to Punish Yourself... 24 4 Your Emotions are Blocking What You Want... 26 5 Awareness about Emotions is Crucial... 28 6 In Any Painful Situation There is Something You Could Give to Make It Better... 29 7 Fear is Always a Fear of Inadequacy... 31 8 Your Strategy for Getting is Defeating You... 33 9 Being Emotionally Arrested Comes From a Past That You Haven't Gotten Over...34 10 An Expectation Demands the Very Thing You Are Not Giving to Yourself or Others...35 11 Fear is Always a Fear of Loss... 37 12 Fear and Inadequacy Feed Each Other... 39 13 Problems are a Complaint... 41 14 A Major Problem Hides Major Denial... 43 15 Your Defensiveness Fights for an Illusion... 45 16 If You Are Hiding, Life Will Give You a Hiding... 46 17 Anything Can Be in Service to Help You Get Your Heart Open...48 18 It is Important to Check in With Yourself... 49 19 Attack is an Attempt to Make Up for Inadequacy... 51 20 Every Emotion Shows a Conflict... 53 21 Everything Negative Hides Fear... 55 22 Anger is a Form of Resistance... 57 23 Every Emotion Serves a Purpose... 59 24 All Emotions Show Resistance... 61 25 Stubbornness is a Form of Fear... 62 26 Your Expectations and Demands Can't Get Satisfied... 64 27 Your Problems Show You are Blaming Someone... 65 28 When You Experience a Loss, Similar Unfinished Mourning Comes Up for Release - . 66 29 Receive Your Inheritance... 68 30 Course Corrections are Needed... 30 31 Criticism is Arrogant and Competitive... 72 32 Anger Attempts to Place Your Responsibility on Others... 73 33 All Emotions Signal Fear and Guilt... 74 34 Emotions and Greed Go Together... 75 35 Emotions Have a Pay-off... 76 36 Your Self-Attack Attacks You... 78 37 Problems Show a Lack of Emotional Integrity... 79 38 Your Problems Show You a Place of Contraction... 81 39 If You Lose Heart... 83 40 Self-Love is the Key to a Happy Life... 85 41 Inflation and Deflation Come from Traumas... 86 42 Acknowledging Your Mistakes Begins to Change Them... 87 43 Love is Beauty... 88 44 Your Experience Emotionally Depends on How You are Using an Event... 89 45 Attack is Not Discrete... 91 46 Why the Chip on Your Shoulder?... 92 47 Emotions are a Form of Being a Victim... 97 48 Emotion Claims There is a 'Bad Guy'... 98 49 Pain and Emotions are the Price You are Willing to Pay for Separation... 99 50 Loss Comes From Choice... 101 51 Sacrifice is the Bane of Our Existence... 103 52 A Sincere Apology Can Mean a Lot... 105 53 The Pervasive Mistake of Sacrifice... 106 54 Emotions Come From Misinterpretations... 108 55 Emotionally Arrested... 110 56 You Only See What You Think You Are... 111 57 Emotions as the Absence of God... 113 58 Greed Exiles Your Heart... 114 59 Emotion Expresses Inadequacy... 116 60 In a Fight, Ask Yourself What You are Defending... 117 61 Forgiveness Brings Peace... 118 62 In a Fight, Give up the Temptation to Dissociate... 119 63 What Constitutes a Fight... 121 64 Anything Negative that Happens to You is Your Attack... 122 65 In a Fight, Look for the Past... 123 66 In a Fight, Give Up the Desire to Separate... 124 67 In a Fight, Give Up Projections... 125 68 In a Fight, Look for What You are Trying to Get... 127 69 How You Fight... 129 70 In a Fight, Look for Where You are Making the Mistake... 133 71 Emotions are Reactive and Instantaneous... 135 72 In a Fight, Give Up Winning and Being Right... 137 73 In a Fight, You are Acting in Opposite Ways... 138 74 The Power of Choice... 140 75 The Power Beyond Choice... 142 76 The Path of Atonement... 143 77 In a Fight, You are Called Upon to Give... 144 78 The Proper Use of Sensitivity... 146 79 If You are in a Fight, You are Called to Change Your Perception... 147 80 In a Fight, There is a Choice to Displace Your Anger... 149 81 In a Fight, You are Called to Choose Again... 150 82 In a Fight, There is a Way for Both to Win... 151 83 An Attack is a Call for Help... 152 84 Whenever You are Unhappy, You are Trying to Be Right... 153 85 In a Fight, You are Called to Heal Fear... 155 86 Loss Gives Rise to Fear... 157 87 In a Fight, Head Toward Your Partner... 158 88 Fighting Begins with Self-Attack... 160 89 In a Fight, You are Called Upon to Forgive... 162 90 In a Fight, You are Called to Wholeness... 163 91 In a Fight, Look for Your Hidden Plan... 164 92 When You Feel Innocent, You Perceive Everyone's Innocence... 166 93 In a Fight, Emotions are Part of the Fight... 168 94 In a Fight, Your Outer Conflict Comes From an Inner One... 169 95 In a Fight, You are Called to Heal... 170 96 In a Fight, You are Both Parties... 172 97 In a Fight, You are Called to Be Defenseless... 173 98 Healing Through Love... 175 99 The Passive-Aggressor Shadow Figure... 177 100 What You are Trying to Get, Holds You Back... 179 Summary... 181