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Full description for Vanishing Ireland: Volume 4

  • In the new installment of the Vanishing Ireland series, the authors travel the country and speak to communities, friends, and neighbors in a dramatically changing society Award-winning photographer James Fennell and author Turtle Bunbury once again travel Ireland to bring readers an extraordinary, powerful new collection of poignant interviews from ordinary men and women, communities, friends, and neighbors throughout the land. Sharing with us their memories of times past, through words and stunningly evocative photographs, we hear of some adversity and hardship but an overriding sense of identity and belonging in small communities and towns where people rely on their neighbors. We lose ourselves in a world where life was simpler, as stories are shared beside fires, over cups of tea and glasses of whiskey, and over fences and hedges as we meet the people who have lived through times of change as the past comes alive through their words.