UnrealDevelopment Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript: Beginner's Guide

UnrealDevelopment Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript: Beginner's Guide

Book rating: 05 Paperback

By (author) Rachel Cordone

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  • Publisher: Packt Publishing Limited
  • Format: Paperback | 446 pages
  • Dimensions: 188mm x 234mm x 26mm | 821g
  • Publication date: 30 December 2011
  • Publication City/Country: Birmingham
  • ISBN 10: 1849691924
  • ISBN 13: 9781849691925
  • Illustrations note: black & white illustrations
  • Sales rank: 539,919

Product description

Create games beyond your imagination with the Unreal Development KitDive into game programming with UnrealScript by creating a working example game.Learn how the Unreal Development Kit is organized and how to quickly set up your own projects.Recognize and fix crashes and other errors that come up during a game's development.A practical beginner's guide with fresh, fun writing that keeps you engaged as you learn game programming with UnrealScript.In DetailUnreal Development Kit is the free edition of Unreal Enginei'1/2the largest game engine in existence with hundreds of shipped commercial titles. The Unreal Engine is a very powerful tool for game development but with something so complex it's hard to know where to start.This book will teach you how to use the UnrealScript language to create your own games with the Unreal Development Kit by using an example game that you can create and play for yourself. It breaks down the UnrealScript language into easy to follow chapters that will quickly bring you up to speed with UnrealScript game programming.Unreal Development Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript takes you through the UnrealScript language for the Unreal Development Kit. It starts by walking through a project setup and setting up programs to write and browse code. It then takes you through using variables, functions, and custom classes to alter the game's behavior and create our own functionality. The use and creation of Kismet is also covered. Later, using replication to create and test multiplayer games is discussed. The book closes with code optimization and error handling as well as a few of the less common but useful features of UnrealScript.What you will learn from this bookSet up a UDK project and learn how to compile and test your own codeLearn how to extend the UDK's code to add your own functionality Create your own game types, player camera, and HUDLearn how UnrealScript interacts with Kismet and create your own Kismet actions and eventsUse networking to create and test multiplayer gamesOptimize your code to fix errors and performance problemsUse DLLBind to interact with code outside of the UDKApproachThis is a step-by-step book that builds on your knowledge by adding to an example game over the course of each chapter. Each topic uses example code that can be compiled and tested to show how things work instead of just telling you. Complicated tasks are broken down into easy to follow steps with clear explanations of what each line of code is doing.Who this book is written for This book is written for beginners to UnrealScript, whether this is your first experience with programming or you're coming into it from another language and would like to learn how UnrealScript uses concepts you're already familiar with. If you would like to make games with the Unreal Development Kit, this book is for you.

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Customer reviews

By Julian Waller 10 Mar 2012 5

I am not a huge fan of programming, but I will admit this ebook gave me a good understanding of what goes into programming a game with the Unreal development kit. From creating custom classes to enemy functionality, the entire process has plenty of reference material including example code and pictures to explain what your are setting up. I have not finished the entire book, but after reading a few chapters I already have a better understanding or programming in UDK.

By Dan Brewer 05 Mar 2012 5

This book is a fantastic way to get straight into the nitty gritty of how to make content in the UDK using Unrealscript. Within 15 mins you'll have your first creation showing up in the engine, running in realtime!

After the first chapter's success, the book then takes you on a steady and understandable path to learning about programming techniques used in Unrealscript and how they might apply to a game. The author even throws in a few pop culture references to keep you awake through potentially dry subjects, resulting in a very easy-on-the-mind learning resource!

By Michael 03 Mar 2012 4

Unreal Development Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript: Beginner's Guide is the best book you can buy if you want to learn UnrealScript. It is a hard book, but it is explained step by step and easy to follow. If you never programmed before, than it's too hard for you. But if you have a little experience, it's a good book for you!

By Justin 02 Mar 2012 5

I found Game programming with Unrealscript to be a very informative and well written.

As an instructor in an three year game and animation program, and an owner of a small game studio, I am prompted with various difficulties such as how aspiring game developers learn and the best practices for applying these skills. On that note, I am a big advocator on project based learning, and I found this book to be the best source of documentation that I could find.

Rachel Cordone's easy to follow descriptions of unrealscript simplifies the language, and more importantly, because of the nature of the project based approach, helps the reader understand when and where to apply this knowledge.

Rachel takes the reader through very exciting topics. Among them I found these specifically useful; setting up initial projects using unrealscript, a detailed description of programming terminology, how to make custom weapons, classes, modifiers and HUDs, creating functions, controlling behaviors, working with kismet - UDKs visual scripting language, and creating multiplayer games focusing on setting up client/server relationships.

Being a consistent unreal engine user for just shy of a decade, I have not come across a more useful source dealing with unrealscript in a single document. I fully recommend this read to anyone interested in unrealsctipt, at any level.

By Tim Braslavsky 26 Feb 2012 5

This book is very beginner friendly without being pandering.

It goes over basics of programming in general in fairly great detail and most should be able to follow along with limited to no programming knowledge.

This book goes over:
different data storing variable types
if then statements.
As well as proper use and reasons as to why it is proper use.

There are some cases in which the book goes over some information that isn't completely of necessity but does mention that it is a seldom used operation, still use-full for potential future use.

At the end of each chapter there are useful quizzes to help re-enforce concepts. I found these a very good tool to see how you are progressing in learning the concepts.

There is no further investment necessary in terms of programs, all programs used are free to use and very powerful.

There is good coverage as how to program both via text and visually using kismet and is a fantastic base foundation for exploring game programming in current-gen games, and those that are no focused in programing it still vastly expands your ability to produce more interesting and custom content in unreal.

I came at this book with minor programming knowledge prior to reading with an art/level design background. This book was still helpful in understanding setting up custom weapons and characters for the levels i have in progress.