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    UnrealDevelopment Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript: Beginner's Guide (Paperback) By (author) Rachel Cordone


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Reviews for UnrealDevelopment Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript: Beginner's Guide

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  • Great Start to Unreal Script5

    Julian Waller I am not a huge fan of programming, but I will admit this ebook gave me a good understanding of what goes into programming a game with the Unreal development kit. From creating custom classes to enemy functionality, the entire process has plenty of reference material including example code and pictures to explain what your are setting up. I have not finished the entire book, but after reading a few chapters I already have a better understanding or programming in UDK. by Julian Waller

  • A great way to get stuck in with Unreal5

    Dan Brewer This book is a fantastic way to get straight into the nitty gritty of how to make content in the UDK using Unrealscript. Within 15 mins you'll have your first creation showing up in the engine, running in realtime!

    After the first chapter's success, the book then takes you on a steady and understandable path to learning about programming techniques used in Unrealscript and how they might apply to a game. The author even throws in a few pop culture references to keep you awake through potentially dry subjects, resulting in a very easy-on-the-mind learning resource! by Dan Brewer

  • Best book you can buy to learn UnrealScript!4

    Michael Unreal Development Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript: Beginner's Guide is the best book you can buy if you want to learn UnrealScript. It is a hard book, but it is explained step by step and easy to follow. If you never programmed before, than it's too hard for you. But if you have a little experience, it's a good book for you! by Michael

  • An essential tool for game programming!5

    Justin I found Game programming with Unrealscript to be a very informative and well written.

    As an instructor in an three year game and animation program, and an owner of a small game studio, I am prompted with various difficulties such as how aspiring game developers learn and the best practices for applying these skills. On that note, I am a big advocator on project based learning, and I found this book to be the best source of documentation that I could find.

    Rachel Cordone's easy to follow descriptions of unrealscript simplifies the language, and more importantly, because of the nature of the project based approach, helps the reader understand when and where to apply this knowledge.

    Rachel takes the reader through very exciting topics. Among them I found these specifically useful; setting up initial projects using unrealscript, a detailed description of programming terminology, how to make custom weapons, classes, modifiers and HUDs, creating functions, controlling behaviors, working with kismet - UDKs visual scripting language, and creating multiplayer games focusing on setting up client/server relationships.

    Being a consistent unreal engine user for just shy of a decade, I have not come across a more useful source dealing with unrealscript in a single document. I fully recommend this read to anyone interested in unrealsctipt, at any level. by Justin

  • Fantastic Book for understanding Unreal5

    Tim Braslavsky This book is very beginner friendly without being pandering.

    It goes over basics of programming in general in fairly great detail and most should be able to follow along with limited to no programming knowledge.

    This book goes over:
    different data storing variable types
    if then statements.
    As well as proper use and reasons as to why it is proper use.

    There are some cases in which the book goes over some information that isn't completely of necessity but does mention that it is a seldom used operation, still use-full for potential future use.

    At the end of each chapter there are useful quizzes to help re-enforce concepts. I found these a very good tool to see how you are progressing in learning the concepts.

    There is no further investment necessary in terms of programs, all programs used are free to use and very powerful.

    There is good coverage as how to program both via text and visually using kismet and is a fantastic base foundation for exploring game programming in current-gen games, and those that are no focused in programing it still vastly expands your ability to produce more interesting and custom content in unreal.

    I came at this book with minor programming knowledge prior to reading with an art/level design background. This book was still helpful in understanding setting up custom weapons and characters for the levels i have in progress. by Tim Braslavsky

  • Great programming book in general, best UDK book ever5

    Christopher Tedin I really can't say enough good things about this book. Although I am only halfway through my first "skim", I can already feel the information flowing in and filling all the little voids that have been nagging me ever since I started with UDK several years ago. Things like classes, directory structures, and kismet programming are already becoming much, much clearer. I can't wait until I get to start at the beginning, with the UDK level on my machine, and go through the "Time for Action" portions of the book, where I get to put the information to real use, and engage the higher functions of my brain in really "learning through doing."

    I have the feeling that, although I have worked with many scripting languages over the years, (Flash ActionScript, JavaScript, Mel, Python, Lua, C# etc.) this will get me closer to the "holy grail" of understanding the father of all object-oriented, (real programmers will probably correct me on this) C++, which I admit, I have been avoiding all these years.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially UDK artists, but also to anyone who is interested in game programming in general. Along with learning Unity scripting, this should be required reading for any game design curriculum. by Christopher Tedin

  • great book, watch out for your starting level5

    Wtr I like this book. For those who want to enter the game industry and build a portfolio or just want to learn the often used unreal engine. The title suggest that it is a beginners book. That is true, however for 'real' beginners it may be quite difficult however. If you are used to tools like flash, unity or other 'scripting engines' the unreal engine is a bit harder (but also more powerful). This is not a problem of the book, but a problem of 'how much of a beginner you are'. Maybe you need to get the unreal beginners guide of Packtbub (or another even more beginners book), it depends on your starting point. If you are a C(++) programmer, this book is great. by Wtr

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