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Reviews for Tatiana and Alexander

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    The Thousand-star series5

    Dina K. Okay... here it is and this is the honest-to-God truth.. there could never be such amazing writing as this... NEVER!!

    10++ blinding, shooting stars!!!!!!

    Words could never strive to touch the fringes of the other-worldly blanket of love, despair and hope that was painted in this masterpiece.. I never even imagined how enamored I would be with it.. not after the first one.. but I fine myself, rather deliciously, proven unequivocally wrong. This surpasses all my hopes and dreams of what love and hope would be like in our world where they actually have mattered and existed in such dreadful times.

    Unparalleled and unique in such unimaginable ways.

    Please get it. Read it. Savor it. Treasure it... cause to be honest.. such talent appears only, maybe, once every dynasty!! by Dina K.

  • Best series... #25

    Christina One of my favourite books of ALL time, loved every single bit of it and the whole series. I believe it has something for every man and woman to enjoy and love!
    The second of the series involves flash backs to both Shura and Tatia's past. The flash backs may be annoying at times, but they are highly important to the story line. It allows you to understand each characters actions and feelings towards situations as well as their beliefs on life and love. The book presents both sides; the life of Tatia and Shura when separated from each other, which is truely heart aching to read.
    This sequel is enriched with Tatiana and Alexander's love for one another and of their son, Anthony. The Bridge to the Holy Cross (The Australian release name of Tatiana & Alexander) is just as good as the 1st; a series that you get so hooked on you forget your own reality. by Christina

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