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Reviews for The Sisters Grimm: Bk.1

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  • For All Ages4

    Kirstie Horton So here I am with a copy of this book, eagerly flicking through the pages and taking in every last bit of detail like a 5 year old . . . Shameful, I know. But dang, this book is brilliant.

    The Sisters Grimm is an action-packed adventure story that includes just about every single one of your favourite fairy-tale characters (albeit reshaping them with 400 years of life, so yeah, they're a tad different). From Beauty and the Beasty, Prince Charming, and Cinderella, to Puck, Jack the Giant Killer and The Three Blind Mice - this book has everything. Personally, I have a HUGE thing about fairy-tales, leaving me practically leaping around the room gleefully every time a new character was introduced, I know, shameful indeed.

    Daphne and Sabrina are awesome. Despite the fact they're super young (yet sound deceptively old sometimes . . .), they really steal the story. Daphne (yes, let's all just take a moment to squeal about how incredibly adorable that name is!!) is ridiculously adorable in the stubborn sense of things. I think her shining moment in this book is definitely when she calls Puck "Peter Pan", doubly funny after reading the Iron King series (Julie Kagawa). Oh and, Mr Canis - you dark horse, you.

    It did take me a while to convince myself to pick this book up. I mean, it really does seem to be aimed at a younger age group, but by god, time travel it was when I picked up this book and 5 year old me took over. I was extremely pleased with the fact that even though Buckley is effectively recreating and rediscovering the tales of our childhood, he does not ruin them one bit. The whole concept of writing a book based loosely on events that happened in a classic story, and making it new by revolving the plot around this classic character's ancestors is way too cool for my excitement to cope with. Despite twisting my childhoods arm slightly by making a few of my heroes baddies, I was completely content with this book. In the end, I totally agree that the-character-who-turns-out-bad-but-I-won't-spoil-it would have been a mean and evil person if I'd ever had had the honour of meeting that particular person, anyway. *Scoff*

    So no fear!! This book is brilliant and completely suitable for all age. A little dark in some parts, but hey, it's a fairy tale, and if you can stomach a grandma being eaten by a wolf (Little Red Riding Hood), or a witch poisoning a fair maiden (Snow White - who does appear in this book, I know! I know! Control yourself!), then I think you'll manage just fine. But do prepare yourself, the crazy-awesome concept of how the Magic Mirror on the wall works . . . Will. Blow. Your. Mind. I'll give you a hint, remember Alice going through the looking glass? Mhm, yep, play with that idea for a bit whilst you finish your knitting.

    In the end, nothing beats the classics, but gee-whiz! This sure comes close! by Kirstie Horton

  • More Fun Than I Could Have Anticipated4

    Jessica This book was much more fun than I could have anticipated. While I love the original true Grimm Brothers stories and the nicer versions we often hear, I also love completely new imaginings of characters and that is what we have here. Some of the subtleties of different characters may be lost on the children the book is aimed at, but that is what makes it work well for adults as well. (Think of some of the side jokes in movies such as Shrek and that is the feel here.)

    While at first I found one of the Grimm sisters to be annoying, she finally took a turn for the better as her skepticism tapered down. The involvement of beloved characters (not all Grimm related) such as Prince Charming, Jack the Giant Killer, Puck, and The Three Little Pigs and their modernization was fantastic. I found myself looking forward to seeing how the author would turn those characters into something new and he never let me down.

    I'm happy to have the next few books in the series already and look forward to reading the entire series soon!

    Reviewed by Jessica for Book Sake. by Jessica

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