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Reviews for The Secret

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  • Amazing5

    Thea First read this book 7 years ago, saved me a lot of time and worry! It all depends on the person you are, and what your beliefs are. The person that says that its rubbish, well they are usually the narrow minded type who leach on other people's good vibes. I have used this book as a reminder and a tool to keep me on track. Thank you Universe xx by Thea

  • Pile of Rubbish1

    Steve Grant This book is designed to make people ill. it is highly disturbing and a danger to human health. avoid at all costs by Steve Grant

  • it gave me...5

    jane garner Myself ... I had lost my way... I'm back now. I will re-visit each night before sleeps. ..gratitude and self respect... I just wish Alex and. James and. Pjs. Would read it too. X by jane garner

  • Hmmm?3

    a Book Depository customer "This book is kind of like a double edged sword. Basically, if you want something and put your order out to the universe, by the laws of attraction you are supposed to get your order. On the other hand, if you put your order to the universe and you don,t get it, you didn,t really need it in the first place or you didn,t want it enough or your wish wasn,t sincere. If it was that easy,life would be great wouldn,t it? I wonder if the author was wishing to become rich by any chance? Looks like their wish has came true as the book has become very popular all over the world. Oprah apparently raves about it but i suppose if i had her vast wealth i would rave about it too. Life must look so great when you have the resources to do to so do whatever you want or need." by a Book Depository customer

  • Top review


    a Book Depository customer "Having read all the reviews i feel i must add that for me the secret is actually about gratitude!
    Yes if we are positive the world reflects that to us and if we are negative - blah blah.
    For me its about gratitude which the contributors of this book consistently repeat.
    The more grateful i am about things, people challenges, situations, material things, experiences the more joy i feel and draw more of the good stuff to me.
    Maybe those that are negative about the book just dont get it?
    Thank you whoever reads this." by a Book Depository customer

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