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Reviews for Sarah's Key

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  • Compelling....4

    Kirby Bissett I absolutely loved this book. I was looking for some new books, and came across this as I scrolled through the bestsellers list. I could not put it down once i started reading it. It had me from the beginning, right through to the very end. Very sad, but wonderfully written. by Kirby Bissett

  • such a touching book...4

    Paraskevi Papadaki sarah's key, shows the strength of a promise and the endurance of brotherly love. by Paraskevi Papadaki

  • My best read of 20115

    Lyndal Gorey Without a doubt, the best read I had in 2011. It was beautifully written. by Lyndal Gorey


    Terasa Fabrizio I LOVED IT!!!!!
    Very sad but fantastic by Terasa Fabrizio

  • Sarah's key review5

    Luda Great book. I couldn't put it down.
    What a sad story, makes us realise how lucky we are. by Luda

  • Top review

    I'll come back for you...5

    Maggie Swithenbank Such a sad story but a great one. Tells the story of what happened to the Jews during WW II in France...particularly to a little girl called Sarah. Her key burned a hole in my mind long after I put the book down. It is a much better read than the movie! by Maggie Swithenbank

  • A great Read5

    Hellen James Highly recommend! I could not put this book down! by Hellen James

  • Sarah's Key5

    Wendy SEKULOFF This was one of those books I had difficulty putting down. As I read one chapter set in the past, I wanted to keep reading to know about that side of the story, but then I would get engrossed in the current day part of the story line. A movie has been made of this which I would really like to check out now. 5/5 by Wendy SEKULOFF

  • Memorable story, not a memorable book3

    Kathryn Liu The premise of this book is certainly interesting - journalist finds out about an oft-forgotten and shameful fact of France's history and goes on a hunt that becomes intensely personal and leads her down roads she never imagined walking.


    The main problem for me was the characterisation of Sarah. A ten year old girl, no matter how much she has been through, does not have the voice of an adult in her head. Especially not one who has the advantage of perspective. She felt, at times, like she was merely a tool for the author to describe her thoughts on what the French police had done and how terrible it all was.

    Add to that a distracting and unbelievable relationship between Julia (journalist) and her over-stereotyped philandering French husband and a rather over-stretched ending and this book really didn't leave me with much of a good impression.

    That said, I did have plenty to talk about with this book at our book club discussion. It taught me something I didn't already know (about the Roundup) and it was an easy read even if it did frustrate me at times. by Kathryn Liu

  • Loved it.4

    Euph. I absolutely adore this book. It's beautifully written and left me speechless numerous of times. It didn't only (in a certain way) entertain me, it also taught me a lot about France in the second world war! by Euph.

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