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    Onyx (Lux Novel) (Paperback) By (author) Jennifer L. Armentrout

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    DescriptionBeing connected to Daemon Black sucks... Thanks to his alien mojo, Daemon's determined to prove what he feels for me is more than a product of our bizarro connection. So I've sworn him off, even though he's running more hot than cold these days. But we've got bigger problems. Something worse than the Arum has come to town... The Department of Defense are here. If they ever find out what Daemon can do and that we're linked, I'm a goner. So is he. And there's this new boy in school who's got a secret of his own. He knows what's happened to me and he can help, but to do so, I have to lie to Daemon and stay away from him. Like that's possible. Against all common sense, I'm falling for Daemon. Hard. But then everything changes... I've seen someone who shouldn't be alive. And I have to tell Daemon, even though I know he's never going to stop searching until he gets the truth. What happened to his brother? Who betrayed him? And what does the DOD want from them--from me? No one is who they seem. And not everyone will survive the lies...

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  • Onyx5

    Moodyno1 Favourite Quote: "Words are the most powerful tool and so often underestimated. They could heal. They could destroy."

    After how good the first book (Obsidian) was I was worried Onyx wouldn't live up to its standards but I was so wrong onyx was AMAZING!

    Let's start with Damien who has changed quite a bit since the first book, he's not as mean to Katy and he's more kind and caring but of course it's Damien and he is still bad-ass and sarcastic most of the time but I still love him because seriously you can't not love him! Then there's Katy who's character development is seriously brilliant throughout this book she became kick-ass and dependant and brave. And these two together. Sexy and Awesome. Only way to describe it.

    Other characters, Dee I was heart broken for at the end (read to find out why) she is just so innocent I cant believe the author did this to her but I'll excited to see if anything changes in Dee like if she becomes darker or meaner. The new character Blake I didn't like from the beginning because I knew he was involved in the plot in a bad way and plus he was intruding on Damien and Katy's relationship and that made me dislike him even more.

    Onto the plot which was very well thought out and developed but I did guessed most of the twists, one of which I knew was going to happen way back in the first book but this didn't make me any less excited to see how Jennifer L.Armentrout laid them out and she didn't disappoint! Along with these plot twists there were numerous action scenes that were great and the ending leaving on a complete cliff-hanger, seriously cannot wait until Opal is out.

    Overall I'd HIGHLY recommend this series, there's nothing but good things to say about it, it's that good. by Moodyno1

  • Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout5

    Christy @ Captivated Reading Following the "AMAZINGNESS" of Obsidian, I wasn't sure if Ms. Armentrout could possibly outdo herself. I mean, Obsidian was one of those books that is LIFE-CHANGING!!! Seriously, she did it. She, unbelievably, miraculously, did IT!!

    Onyx picks up right where Obsidian left off. With a newly connected Daemon and Kat. Daemon, being his extrememly tantalizing self, is stuck trying to convince his "Kitten" that they are meant to be. But, Kat is just not having it. Convinced that their attraction is a by-product of their Halloween connection, she refuses to give in to Daemon's, very alluring, wiles...Well, MOST of the time she does.

    Kat doesn't just have Daemon's persistence to contend with...There's also the DOD--the branch of the government that monitors the Luxen and their activities. Kat starts to worry about the DOD finding out about their connection, among other new "occurances".

    My FAVORITE aspect to Onyx is that we get a Daemon that we didn't really get in Obsidian. He's sweet and not just the jerk that Kat's used to. This makes their attraction all the more intense.

    If you haven't read this series so far, I honestly don't know what is stopping you. The story has kept me hooked the entire time and I'm absolutely ANXIOUS for more! by Christy @ Captivated Reading

  • Top review

    A absolute must read5

    Ellen Gault Well, here I am again trying to figure out what I can say about this book that hasn't already been said. Hands down, it is as amazing as all the reviews have claimed it is. Daemon Black.....just his name makes be swoon. He has to be one of the hottest characters EVER written in a book series. I am dying to see this series made into a movie, but OMG, who in the world could play him and do him justice? Onyx picks up where Obsidian left off. If you have not read Obsidian and Shadows, you definitely need to read both of these books before Onyx. The Lux series is like tasting fine wine, a completely sensory experience. You have to hold it up to the light, swirl it around in the glass, smell it, taste it, and savor it. I am a total Jennifer L. Armentrout fangirl, so forgive me if I gush, but I know there are a ton of fellow fangirls gushing with me. Daemon has become like a drug to us, our own personal brand of heroin - okay, cheesy, cheesy, slap me, but I couldn't resist.....sorry Edward.

    If you thought the laptop scene in Obsidian was hot, the sexual tension and chemistry gets even hotter in Onyx. For real. You will not be disappointed. Bless her heart, even though Katy tries to tell herself that the attraction they feel is only because of the connection, her attempts are futile. Try as she may, even she doesn't believe it. Daemon and Katy both have it, and they have it bad. There is also a lot of action and suspense in this series. It's actually really exciting in a nail biting kind of way. We are introduced to some new characters in this book, i.e., "the new boy" in the synopsis above, and frankly, I didn't trust him or like him either, and you can believe Daemon doesn't. We also see a lot more interaction with the DOD, and the story and the characters really take on a new level of depth and intrigue in this book, which I really loved. There are twists and turns around every corner and your interest is piqued from beginning to end. I can't say too much more than that without spoiling it, but believe me, it is GOOD.

    We definitely do get to see another side of Daemon in Onyx. Though still fiercely loyal, protective, and cocky, with an ego the size of Jupiter, we get to see past the surface into the deep waters of Daemon in this book. He is quite the romantic, at least when it comes to Katy. Ah, Katy, you can't help but love her. She is such an awesome heroine herself, and like Daemon, she to is fiercely loyal and protective, minus the ego. Katy and Daemon's relationship sucks you right into the middle of the book with them. Jennifer has such a talent for enabling the reader to actually become part of the story. Her characters are so real, and the interaction between the characters, the pacing of the book, and the story line itself is beyond excellent. Several of the reviews I read talked about a cliffhanger at the end, and there is somewhat, but personally, I was really pleased with the ending. It left me satisfied, yet longing for more, like only an Oreo Blizzard can do. Therefore I dub thee, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Princess of the Pages. She knows how to put the R in Romance, the S in sizzle, and H in HAWT. Trust me when I say, that Onyx and the entire Lux Series is something that you do not want to miss, you know, kind of like you don't want to miss breathing.

    On a happy note, I am so excited that we don't have to wait that long for Opal. I'm dying to see where the story goes from here. by Ellen Gault

  • A Heart-Stopping Adventure5

    Andrea Thompson I truly feel as if I can't say anything in my review that you haven't heard from everyone who has read Onyx. YES! Onyx is as awesome as Obsidian. YES! Daemon is infuriating, awesome, and gorgeous as ever. YES! Onyx lives up to the enormous hype.

    I feel as if I can't say a lot without giving precious details. If you loved Obsidian, you will be blown away by Onyx. Here's why: Daemon. But it's not what you think. Yes, Daemon is impossibly aggravating, in a ridiculously sexy way. In Onyx, though, a different side of Daemon emerges. I wouldn't say he's softer, exactly, but it is a welcome change to see him not actively trying to push Kat away. Of course, the chemistry between the two is fantastic. Daemon and Kat are continuously drawn to one another, with Kat fighting it as much as possible. But who are we kidding? We all know there isn't a snowball's chance in H-E-L-L that she can resist Daemon for long. But...there's a new guy in town, one who takes a noticeable interest in Kat. Could Daemon have serious competition?

    As for the plot, there's not a moment's rest in Onyx. The DOD is a continual threat, especially since Daemon and Katy's connection is stronger than ever. The Arum are circling. And it turns out that there may be more to Lux /human bond than ever imagined. Kat learns that no one can be trusted. No one. But is it already too late? Onyx deals one exciting bombshell after another.

    It's no secret that Armentrout is a fantastic writer. I read Obsidian last fall, but her story and the strong impression she made enabled me to slide easily back into the world. I didn't have to jog my memory for details. I didn't have to do a quick re-read, though that would be fun. There's a reason the Lux series is such a big deal. It's that good and worth every bit of the hype. by Andrea Thompson

  • Review from Blkosiner's Book Blog5

    Brandi Kosiner (Brandi Breathes Books) Holy chocolate chip cookies. This book was hot and I could not put it down. Jennifer did not disappoint in this sequel to Obsidian. It is just as action packed loaded with humor, sarcasm, plot twists and our favorite book blogging heroine Katy.
    It is pretty much leave me alone, I'm reading, or Oh is it seriously 3am? kinda book where the world seems to fall away and I get to experience what Katy is feeling and almost feel like I am a part of this world of smoking hot aliens, dept of defense peeps around every corner, and trying to figure out certain boys who shall not be named.
    It is so hard to review this without talking about what happened, but let me try. There are so many conflicts going on, I just want for the characters I love to be happy, but I guess what kind of series would it be then? There is conflict with Dee, not only with Adam and what their relationship should be, but also between Dee and Katy. Katy makes some bad decisions, and I just want to smack some sense into her (and so does Daemon for that matter), but I totally understand her motivations behind each of those decisions. And that makes her still a strong and determined main character that I admire. But anyways, one of her bad decisions eats up pretty much all of her time, and leaves some feelings between her and Dee.
    There is also the DOD peeps, and several other new characters that I had absolutely no idea what to think of. They can seem so harmless and good intentions one second, and then the next I am questioning them and wondering if I am paranoid.
    The drama between Katy and Daemon is so thick you can cut it with a knife. And I love every second of it. Their bickering, his pen pokes, the sexy moments and the whispered endearments and declarations. I ate it up. It kept me turning the pages just looking for another scene between them, and then left at the very end yearning, wishing the next book was in my hands.
    And mother of all cliffhangers, really? December can't come fast enough so I know what happens, if revenge is sought, and what exactly they meant about everything changing with mystery character rescued that shall not be named.
    Jennifer is an amazing author, and I love this series, as well as the Covenant series, and just like I know I will probably love everything she writes. by Brandi Kosiner (Brandi Breathes Books)

  • fabulously intoxicating...5

    JoAnne Claudio LOVE:
    One. Characters.
    Like with all of Armentrout's other books, the characters came alive in Onyx. At the end of the novel, the readers will become attached with each of the characters that they will empathize with them. The characters went through a lot in this installment. They were battered, bruised, and abused. Emotions and hormones (both human and aliens, if they even have hormones) were flowing out of the pages. Things like trust, betrayal, and sacrifice characterized the story beautifully. Evoking emotions from one's readers is a talent very few writers possess, and Armentrout definitely possesses this talent without a doubt.

    Two. The story itself.
    With respect to Armentrout's storytelling prowess, she is able to prove once again that she is a master. The readers will get into the story immediately. Her writing is clear, modern, concise, and direct to the point. None of those unnecessary details that would just make the story confusing. And the plot is so cleverly twisted. Who's who? Who's what? Who? What? When? Where? Why? The suspense in Onyx is deadly. It kills.

    Three. Humor.
    Still laugh out loud funny. Witty humor pops out when you least expect it. Just when you are getting so engrossed with the suspense, Daemon or Katy says something that will just crack you up.

    Four. Daemon. That sweet, sweet Daemon and his big romantic gestures. Who knew? Girls will faint reading about how Daemon woos Katy. THIS is romance.

    Five. Chemistry.
    Whereas in obsidian, the chemistry between Katy and Daemon is just below the boiling point, it was scorching in Onyx. Despite that, the two are still figuring out what they are to each other. Add into the mix some sort of "competition." Suffice it to say that Daemon is jealous. Can you imagine just how he reacts? Spicy.

    NO LOVE:
    The ended with a cliff-hanger. It's not the worst cliffhanger ever, but it still a cliff-hanger.

    Daemon is in love! I can already hear the ooohs, aaahs, and other feminine sounds. Daemon is so sweet he actually made me teary-eyed at one point in the story. Beneath that tough, arrogant, and oh so sexy exterior, there is a knight in shining armor, a charming prince that will sweep every girl reader off her feet. Now on to the hot scenes. Fan yourselves girls. Fan yourselves. The hot scenes between Katy and Daemon made me feel nervous... among other things.

    Onyx will have girls swooning, sighing, and blushing. But there is more to it than that. There is actually a very good suspenseful story behind the passionate romance between a human and an alien. The suspense in this book will have your heart racing. The drama would make your heart bleed. The unexpected twists will have you screaming profanities. If you thought Obsidian was great, then you will be stunned by Onyx. Jennifer Armentrout outdid herself with this one. I was simply blown away! Onyx is on a completely different level - fabulously, unforgettably intoxicating... by JoAnne Claudio

  • Oh. My. Freaking. God.5

    Anjana Vasan I'm flitting between a state of shock and tears, it's so hard to put my emotions into words right now.
    I honestly went into Onyx just hoping to get my Daemon fix but I am not kidding when I say that it just blew my face off. Onyx was so much more than just Daemon-hotness. Action-packed doesn't even begin to cut it as it was pure jaw-dropping amazingness!

    For those of you who've read Obsidian, you're all probably dying to read Onyx (just like I was until yesterday) so you can get more Daemon-love and the sexy flirting/banter between Kat and him. Not unlike you, I went in looking for exactly that and all I can say is, I got all that and more. We get to see a completely different, deeper side of Daemon who finally, after years of looking after others, is going after something that he wants just for himself - Katy.
    I have to say that after reading this book, I'm not just in lust with Daemon but utterly, head-over-heels in love with him too.

    Like I've said a million times before, I love Jennifer's writing. She's witty, funny, entertaining and excellent at character development. Jen's worked her magic again in Onyx!
    The whole time I was reading it, I could actually see Katy and Daemon change and grow into who they're meant to be, overcoming their flaws and learning from their mistakes. They've been through so much and Katy is definitely not just the simple, shy girl she was when she first came to Ketterman, nor is Daemon just the obnoxious alien next door who's in desperate need of anger-management . It's astounding how much they've affected each other's lives.
    Onyx has just the perfect amount romance! There were moments that seriously left me breathless. This is love. It's not easy but they stick together through it all.

    This time around, Jen has definitely proved that not only is she a natural at creating fantastic characters but also extremely talented at building an interesting, exciting world just like she did with her Covenant series. So many questions about the Luxens were answered while simultaneously exploring the consequences of what happened between Daemon and Kat at the end of Obsidian.

    Onyx has literally left me craving for more Daemon, action and all things Lux. Intense and electrifying, Onyx is one heck of a sequel and I loved every moment of it. by Anjana Vasan

  • Onyx - Million Stars :D5


    When I read Obsidian last year, I wasn't planning on liking it (hello! Aliens), let alone loving it enough for it to be my NUMBER 1 favourite read of 2011, surpassing Divergent. Now that I've read Onyx, the second book in the Lux series, I still honestly don't know what to say. It's THAT good. I was contemplating with myself whether I can just write a review saying ITS SO GOOD, GO BUY IT KNOW over and over again, because that is exactly how I feel.

    As some of you already know from GR, I was DYING to get my hands on this. Seriously. I'm such a big fan of Jennifer and *cough*Daemon*cough* that I would move heaven and earth to get this book. I'd like to think I did just that, but the truth was I probably annoyed Misa (Entangled's amazing publicity super woman) so much that she gave in. Hee hee. My face last night was priceless, when I heard that my name got picked out of a hat yesterday. I know. I couldn't believe it either, I NEVER win these things. You probably heard my happy screams last night when I got the email. Yeah, that was me.

    Honestly? I thought it was impossible to top Obsidian, but Jennifer never fails to wow me with her action-packed, unpredictable plot and the oozing amount of romance. Onyx in three words? Riveting, provocative and heart-wrenching.

    Daemon....Daemon....Daemon.... *squeals* He is officially my book boyfriend and therefore needs his own large paragraph dedicated to him. I loved him so much more in this than in Obsidian (GASP I know, I can't believe he got even hotter). And you know what surprised me the most in this book? It's that Daemon managed to not make me want to hit him upside the head. Whereas he acted like such a cocky douche-bag in Obsidian, in Onyx you get to see the many different sides and layers to him. If you're wondering what Daemon is like when he's jealous, well you'll get your answer in Onyx. I found myself laughing out loud in his scenes with a certain new guy who's name Daemon suspiciously can never seem to remember. You'll see him protective, jealous, caring, even a tiny bit sweet. But never fear! Cuz the arrogant and smug Daemon is always around. He's the most developed character in this series and my favourite. Hell, he's everyone's favourite. I think even Katy can agree on that.

    Katy sits at the throne of my favourite female heroines. Witty, determined, brave and fiercely loyal, she's an example of what other heroines should aspire to be! And I love that she's a book blogger! (Psst. Daemon did an IMM with Katy for her blog, and now you know why she got like 20 comments on it :P) Katy and Daemon as a couple ...well... let's just say you haven't seen nothing yet. If you thought their scenes in Obsidian were sizzling and oh-so-hot, wait till you read Onyx. Their chemistry and sexual tension (holy cow) just jumps out of the page! If you're big on romance like me, you'll fall in love with this couple and root for them, sometimes you might even want to be like JUST GET ON IT ALREADY. KISS, GODDAMNIT and when they're having their little repetitive fights you might just want to bang their heads together. BUT STILL LOVE THEM ALL THE SAME.

    I love character driven novels, and this series is exactly that. Everyone that you loved (and hated) in Obsidian returned in this sequel. I love how we got to hang out with the Thompson family a lot more, her relationship with her mum was highlighted, her normal school friends incorporated a sense of normality.

    There was not one single boring moment, every page was important; every page was significant, enthralling and spellbinding. I gotta say that while I love her Covenant series (come on, it's got Aiden AND Seth), I have to say I would die for the Lux series LOL.

    You know when you guessed a little plot twist right? And you're grinning to yourself like an idiot chanting I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT and then several pages next, Jennifer manages to shock you when you thought that you knew everything that's going to happen and it makes you look really stupid. But you still love her. I won't be going into details with the plot, because I think it's better to go into this not knowing anything.

    Have I told you already how jealous I am of Jennifer's writing? It's addicting and seductive - I literally couldn't put this book down. Katy's narration was very compelling, sarcastic and humorous. This book will pull at your heartstrings one minute, then the next you're on your butt laughing.

    My jaw dropped 20 feet onto the ground at the final page. I was like WHAT?!?!?! She couldn't do that to us! Be warned: massive cliffhanger at the end, you'd be like me right now tearing my hair out waiting for Opal (December). I REALLY DO NOT KNOW HOW I'M GOING TO MAKE IT UNTIL THEN.

    I think you know it peeps, but I would read ANYTHING by Jennifer. Even if it's about horses. I love horses.

    Oh, just a tip; if you haven't read Shadows yet (but have read Obsidian), read Shadows first before Onyx. I think it's a lot better and you would appreciate Onyx more. Just saying. :P

    Definitely my TOP BOOK OF 2012 so far (and I've read 50 books).

    (Thank you SO much for the ENTANGLED (especially to Misa - I LOVE you! lol) for the ARC) by Janalou Cruz

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