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    Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children) (Hardback) By (author) Ransom Riggs


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    DescriptionA mysterious island. An abandoned orphanage. And a strange collection of very curious photographs. It all waits to be discovered in "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children", an unforgettable novel that mixes fiction and photography in a thrilling reading experience. As our story opens, a horrific family tragedy sets sixteen-year-old Jacob journeying to a remote island off the coast of Wales, where he discovers the crumbling ruins of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. As Jacob explores its abandoned bedrooms and hallways, it becomes clear that the children who once lived here - one of whom was his own grandfather - were more than just peculiar. They may have been dangerous. They may have been quarantined on a desolate island for good reason. And somehow - impossible though it seems - they may still be alive. A spine-tingling fantasy illustrated with haunting vintage photography, "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" will delight adults, teens, and anyone who relishes an adventure in the shadows.

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Reviews for Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

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  • Peculiar Indeed3

    Diana Let me start by saying that, 1) I think the description of this book is a bit misleading, and 2) When I started reading it, I didn�?�¢??t know that it was the first book in a series. Because of this, I found reading Miss Peregrine�?�¢??s Home for Peculiar Children, well, peculiar.

    Jacob Portman grew up listening to the fantastic stories his Grandpa told of his youth; Tales of monsters and children with extraordinary talents. No matter how incredible they seemed, he always believed the stories to be true, until the day that he didn�?�¢??t.

    �?�¢??We cling to our fairy tales until the price for believing them becomes too high.�?�¢??

    When tragedy strikes and Jacob happens to witness it, everything he believes is put to the test. Traveling to the place of his Grandpa�?�¢??s past, searching for answers to help ease his mind, Jacob learns that even the tallest of tales are sometimes based on the truth.

    I genuinely liked this book. Even though it wasn�?�¢??t what I expected due to the somewhat misleading description (I�?�¢??m not going to go into that though because I don�?�¢??t want to spoil anything), I really did like it. Had I known it was the first book in a series, I may have liked it even more. However, having not known that, I found the book to be a bit slow.

    I enjoyed Jacob�?�¢??s narration and I thought that the use of the vintage photographs to enhance the story was creative and at times disturbing (Hello Creepy Santa, please step away from those kids), but I felt that the story wasn�?�¢??t really going anywhere. It was interesting enough, funny in all the right places, and had a few elements that I didn�?�¢??t really see coming (so kudos for that), I just expected it to be. . . more. More creepy. More sinister. More action packed. But it wasn�?�¢??t. I felt like the story kept building and building, but nothing happened. . . until the last 60 pages or so, that is. The end of the book really picked up some steam and that�?�¢??s what finally reeled me in.

    Knowing now that the story will go on, I think Miss Peregrine�?�¢??s sets up a good foundation for the next book. The world has been built, the characters have been established, and the plot has thickened. I�?�¢??ll definitely be picking up the sequel when it comes out and I, for one, hope the next leg of their journey is anything but ordinary.

    �?�¢??I used to dream about escaping my ordinary life, but my life was never ordinary. I had simply failed to notice how extraordinary it was.�?�¢??

    Originally posted on brilliantlynovel.wordpress.com by Diana

  • Top review

    Weird and interesting3

    Denee This book has an excellent beginning! I loved the writing style of the author and felt it easy to read, comfortable and casual. The book, however for me, took a turn I had a hard time following. Although the book started off great and mysterious, the whole business with monsters and wights seemed silly and underdeveloped. I must say, though, the photography was wonderful! I had a great time examining each photo that was described and imagining what life might have been like with these people. Something I've also noticed, as far as the book's physical aspects are, as opposed to it's contents, is that the paper is wonderfully smooth and has a great contrast and thickness to it. I never really gushed over a book's visual and physical aesthetics, but this book was excellent in that category. The book's a quick read (especially with all the photos) so if you're looking for something weird casual read, then by all means pick this up!

    First Line: "I had just come to accept that my life would be ordinary when extraordinary things began to happen." (8)

    Last Line: "We rowed faster." (348)


    "We cling to our fairy tales until the price for believing them becomes too high..." (16)

    "Part of me felt like something momentous was about to happen. The other part of me expected to wake up at any moment, to come out of this fever dream or stress episode or whatever it was and wake up with my face in a puddle of drool on the Smart Aid break room table and think, Well, that was strange, and then return to the boring old business of being me." (139)

    "They were gods of this strange little heaven, and I was their guest." (180) by Denee

  • Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children4

    Stephanie Forster (Stepping out of the Page) This is one book that you can judge by its cover. The cover and dust jacket of this book are stunning, as is, most importantly, the contents. As well as gorgeous white pages and patterned chapter beginnings, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is scattered with genuine, eccentric and very distinctive vintage photographs. These are the real base for the story and it's interesting to see how Riggs managed to link them all together - I can imagine that this would've been a very fun plot to create. A couple of the photographs did feel as though they were forcibly stuck into the story, but I enjoyed looking at them all the same.

    I think that the chosen word for this book, peculiar, is very apt in all aspects. It is a very quirky and quite a unique book but although it is all so very strange, it feels natural to the story and there is no feeling that the author is trying too hard. There was some slight over description at points, but I never once got bored. I enjoyed sitting back and reading the descriptions of the Welsh island setting and also of all of the characters that Jacob, our protagonist, met. Riggs has a way with making everything feel eerie. There is a sort of fairytale like feeling to the story, but it is twisted and dark. As aforementioned, I never got bored of reading this book - there are enough twists and the action increased as the book progressed. There was not a whole lot of action during the first half of the story but I actually somewhat preferred the discovery of things rather than the fast paced events that took place near the end.

    I liked Jacob as a protagonist. He was imperfect and he felt real and as rational as anyone could be under his circumstances. We learned a few things about him, personality wise, as he tried to make sense of unanswered questions left to him by his grandfather who was killed. I particularly enjoyed reading about Jacob's relationship with Emma, his grandfather's old flame, but I thought it should've been more complex - Jacob only seemed to doubt the morality of it once. The children were also interesting, creepy and charming. I'm still left wanting to know more about all of the characters though, there is still a lot of room for development.

    I was a little disappointed with the ending, but if there is a sequel (which there is certainly place for) then I'd feel a lot more positive about it. I'd love to learn more and follow Jacob and the children on their 'mission'. This is an unusual, unique read and it is something that I'd definitely recommend for teens and adults alike. by Stephanie Forster (Stepping out of the Page)

  • Great Fantasy Book!5

    Silmeriel Esta es un libro realmente impresionante, podr�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�­amos dividir en un antes y despu�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�©s de que Jacob llega a la isla, te sientes totalmente intrigada con los descubrimientos de Jake, mientras vas leyendo el comenta las fotografias de su abuelo y en la pagina siguiente aparecen para que las veas, como la imagen de la ni�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�±a levitando, o un chico levantando una roca gigante o la fotografia de un hombre acostado sobre un sillon con un arma en sus manos, son tan escalofriantes que algunas dan hasta miedo. Sientes el sudor frio que describe Jacob, cuando esta explorando la isla y la casa en ruinas, ademas de la frustraci�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�³n porque no logra en un principio entender que fue lo que paso en ese lugar. Pero los sentimientos hacia este libro cambian completamente cuando nos encontramos con la verdadera historia detr�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�¡s del Hogar de Los ni�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�±os peculiares, es incre�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�­blemente adictivo querer saber las historias de cada uno de estos ni�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�±os, la magia que hay detr�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�¡s de ellos, me enamore de cada personaje, de como Jacob fue creciendo mientras pasan los cap�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�­tulos, me encante con las imagenes aunque siempre fueron escalofriante han sido un gran plus para que este libro se vuelva memorable, la historia es muy rapida,los acontecimientos toman un giro m�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�¡s oscuro y magico a la vez, ya que Jacob se entera de que est�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�¡ siendo perseguido por seres malignos por razones impactantes.No dejaras de dar vueltas las paginas, hay mucha fantas�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�­a, aventura, una colecci�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�³n de fotos muy exc�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�©ntrica, amistad, hasta una pizca de romance, esta es una historia que va a cautivar.La edici�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�³n del libro es realmente hermosa, mi copia es en tapadura con un estilo antiguo hermoso, cada comienzo de capitulo es con un fondo vintage que le da un toque tan antiguo que sientes que estas en otra epoca.
    Y como muchas veces hemos dicho no juzgues un libro por la portada, pues cuando lo compre fue solo porque vi su portada y pense que seria un libro de miedo con extra�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�±as imagenes, pero para mi sorpresa no fue solo eso sino que a sido definitivamente una de las mejores lecturas de este a�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�±o y esta muy lejos de ser solo un libro de miedo mas bien es un viaje a la magia y la aventura. Quizas lo unico malo, aparte que aun no esta en Espa�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�????�???�??�?�¢??�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�±ol, es que termina con un final demasiado abierto que obviamente indica que habra una secuela, lo mas malo de esto es que tendre que esperar hasta el 2013. by Silmeriel

  • Fantastic Read!4

    jessica shipman As soon as I opened to the first page the book had me hooked! The cooky photographs did the trick, I loved how you could put a face to the characters in the book. Most authors don't do this with photography but I thought it was different and definitely clever!

    The story line was great but...

    The ending made me feel a little disappointed and to be honest - a little sour! The way the story was heading - with loads of action and intrigue to then just stop. It seems to me Ransom Riggs left it open for a sequel but there could have been a better ending... by jessica shipman

  • A most peculiar read...3

    Laura Williams I've sat on this review for a little while because I wanted to let Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children sink in. And, if I'm honest, I wanted time to make up my mind about this book.

    It didn't work. Letting my mind breathe like a nice red wine has not allowed the flavour of my thoughts to mellow and mature. This book was like wine in a lot of ways, I guess. There was subtlety, complexity and richness. Furthermore, it was a book I could only sip. I'm usually all for swallowing books whole but I couldn't gulp at this one.

    And then there was the slight... bitterness. This book left a bad after-taste with me when I was done. Just like when you indulge in a few too many glasses of red, when I was finished with this I felt the face-palm of regret. I couldn't figure out why until I sat down to put my thoughts in line about this book.

    I regretted the fact that I didn't love the book as much as I had so desperately wanted to. Ransom Riggs' writing is interesting and I loved the premise of the story. Unfortunately, the only character I liked was the protagonist, Jacob. Everyone else in the story either got on my nerves a little bit or drove me completely nutty with annoyance! In some cases this annoyance came from the characters' qualities. The love interest, for example, (whose name escapes me...) was really irritating! Take that and couple it with the almost incestuous fact that she was Jacob's grandfather's ex (I know, right?) and this was a romance that just didn't float my boat.

    So many of the characters had such potential. There was one creepy li'l kid who could bring clay golems to life by giving them the hearts of living creatures. He was one of the few characters who had a bit more going on other than his peculiarity. In most other cases the peculiar children's little quirks were all they had. Their personalities weren't developed and there just wasn't much beneath the surface.

    The pictures were disturbing, even more so after the Afterword at the back of the book. These have me curious about Riggs' up and coming work, Talking Pictures. Other than these visual interludes, I found little else about the book creepy.

    So...where do I stand? Now that it comes to thinking about how many little stars to post below, I must admit that I'm a little bit stumped. This book has worked its way under my skin in spite of my disappointment with the book as a whole. I still want to read the sequel because there really is so much potential to this premise and these characters. I'm going to give this one a 3 star rating. A cynical little voice in my head is muttering that it should be lower. A bright little voice is chirping that it should be higher. Screw them both, I'm playing it safe and sitting my butt firmly on the fence! by Laura Williams

  • Creepy and Atmospheric4

    Nicola Mansfield Reason for Reading: I couldn't resist! This book has everything I love in one book: orphans, mysterious island, vintage photographs, creepy atmosphere and an old house. How could I not want to read it.

    Here is a book that once again uses photographs and text together in a unique way. The obscure, peculiar vintage photographs are simply illustrative, but the author has had to write his story around already existing photos which enhance the story to such a degree that the book would not be what it is without them. The notes do say that "with the exception of a few that have undergone minimal postprocessing, they are unaltered." Really only one word sums up this book and that is the eponymous "peculiar" for peculiar it certainly is. This is not a fast paced book, not one that will have you racing to the end for the grand finale which may put some of the intended audience off. However, it is more meandering, taking its time, showing us all the "peculiar" characters, who and what they are, as the story unfolds.

    Jacob comes to the island to get over the death of his grandfather who had told him fantastical tales of this place his whole life to prove that it is just an island after all, but he quickly learns his grandfather's tales were true. The story settles in and slowly reveals the secret of the island, the house, the children, Jacob's grandfather, and eventually Jacob's part in it all. A very moody atmospheric story that I quite enjoyed. I loved the characters and as a lover of vintage photos was totally fascinated with the photographs.

    My only concern with the book is a certain tone of vulgar language coming mostly from Jacob, the narrator. There is some swearing but it is the vulgar images that certain language convey which is of more concern. The only reason I can think of this use is to show that Jacob is from the here and now, as opposed to the 1940's of the other children, though some of those boys have vulgar turns of phrase as well. I wouldn't recommend the book for younger children. Also, the book ends with the characters all set to take on a new adventure which is obviously a set-up for a second book, which is rather disappointing as I am getting tired of sequels and series these days. Whatever happened to the good ole standalone? However, teens and adults should find a rather spooky read that will keep them entertained. by Nicola Mansfield

  • Creepy fun4

    ODell When Jacob was a child, his eccentric grandfather would wow him with tales of an old house filled with children who possessed extraordinary abilities. His grandfather claims to have lived with them when his parents sent him away "when the monsters came" during World War II. His grandfather would show him pictures of these odd kids, explaining to him the wonderful things they could do. As Jacob grows up, he stops believing the tales his grandfather once told him. Logic tells him the "monsters" were nothing more than the Nazi's and the peculiar children were just orphans that his grandfather knew as a child. The photos are just pictures that had been doctored to look extraordinary.

    When his grandfather is brutally murdered, Jacob witnesses something in the woods behind his house that makes him wonder if his grandfather might not have been crazy after all. Jacob finds himself traveling to a secluded island off the coast of Wales, searching for answers. What Jacob discovers is something he never thought possible. Not only were his grandfather's stories real, but the children and their caretaker may still be alive...and they want Jacob.

    Ransom Riggs's Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is a wonderfully original and creepy tale. Not only does the story engage you, but the old photo's that are scattered throughout the book add to the story and heighten the creepiness factor. The book is very well-written with vivid descriptions, witty dialogue and hair-raising chills. The story is told from sixteen-year-old Jacob's point-of-view. He is funny, direct and believable. I felt as if I knew him. The story flows well, and the scenes are very vivid. I can only hope that there will be more books with these characters. There's a good mix of mystery, adventure, thrills and comedy here. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes tales of the weird. by ODell

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