The Language of the Heart: Volume I: The Path of Emotional Maturity

The Language of the Heart: Volume I: The Path of Emotional Maturity


By (author) Chuck Spezzano

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  • Publisher: Balloon View Ltd
  • Format: Paperback | 186 pages
  • Dimensions: 140mm x 220mm x 10mm | 260g
  • Publication date: 1 December 2013
  • Publication City/Country: Newchurch
  • ISBN 10: 1907798277
  • ISBN 13: 9781907798276
  • Sales rank: 524,470

Product description

In this long awaited sequel to the bestselling If It Hurts It Isn't Love Chuck Spezzano, like Carl Jung, makes a distinction between emotions, which erupt out of us and feel painful, and feelings which are positive, heart-felt energies that extend to others. He goes on to show how emotions are destructive while feelings build your life with your ability to partner, receive and enjoy. The book points out that the true purpose of emotions is that they are indicators of when we, and not another, are off base. These negative emotions, no matter how big or small, point to destructive patterns that can be healed to improve our lives. This is a book filled with practical wisdom for personal growth, maturity and relationship success. It is an aid in the understanding and proper use of emotions. This book helps us understand hidden aspects of our own mind and heart. In so many ways it makes the subconscious conscious, so we can choose again for love and success rather than pain.

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Author information

Chuck Spezzano, Ph. D., and his wife Lency Spezzano, M.S., are the founders of the Psychology of Vision, a transpersonal model of healing that employs cutting edge psychological tools and methodology, and wields the miracle power of grace. The Psychology of Vision centres around three core elements: relationships, leadership (answering the calls for help) and nondenominational spiritual development. Chuck has authored 38 books (3 of them with Lency), and there are 50 certified Psychology of Vision Trainers who teach seminars worldwide. Chuck has travelled internationally for over 40 years, leading cutting edge healing seminars and researching the psychological and spiritual Steps to Oneness. He is an adept at subconscious, unconscious and spiritual work, and is a long time student of A Course in Miracles. He resides on the windward side of the island of Oahu with Lency. For more information about Chuck and Lency and the Psychology of Vision visit or

Table of contents

Introduction... 1 Principles of Emotional Integrity... 6 1 The Biggest Problem in Life and Relationships... 10 2 Emotions are a Call for Help... 11 3 If You Are Feeling Bad, You Are Making a Mistake... 12 4 If You Are Feeling Bad, It Is Your Responsibility... 14 5 You Are Never Upset for the Reason You Think... 15 6 All Upset Comes From the Past... 16 7 If You Are Feeling Bad, You Are in Conflict... 17 8 Emotions Come From Conflict... 18 9 Every Upset Reflects an Opportunity... 19 10 Emotions are a Form of Attack... 20 11 Emotions are a Form of Self-Attack... 21 12 Emotions are a Defense... 22 13 Emotions Show Where You Were Afraid of Your Power... 23 14 Emotions Speak of Loss... 24 15 Suppression of Emotion is a Mistake... 25 16 Be Not Afraid... 26 17 Emotions Communicate at Subconscious Levels... 27 18 Emotions Give Us Dissociated Independence... 28 19 Emotional Pain is the Price You Pay for Independence... 29 20 All Emotions are Illusions... 30 21 Under Every Problem is a Gift... 31 22 Emotions Make You Independent but It's Not What You Hoped For... 32 23 Do You Want to Feel or Be Dissociated?... 33 24 Emotions Make You a Victim... 35 25 Independence Hides Fear of the Next Step... 36 26 Emotions Put You in Sacrifice... 37 27 No One Can Make You Feel Anything... 38 28 Your Emotional Experience Depends on How You are Using an Event... 39 29 Let Your Contractions Be Birth Labor... 40 30 Getting Over Yourself is a Question of Attitude... 41 31 Your Emotions are Indicators... 42 32 Self-Pity is an Excuse Not to Change... 43 33 Your Emotions Indicate an Unlearned Lesson... 44 34 When You Feel Out of Sorts, You Can Change... 45 35 Without Healing Yourself, You Lose Your Ability to Feel... 46 36 When You Feel Out of Sorts, You Have Stopped Extending... 47 37 Don't Be Afraid, Be Happy... 48 38 Choose Love, Not Fear... 49 39 Your Emotions Deny Divine Presence... 50 40 Your Emotions Knock You Off Your Center... 51 41 Your Emotions Show Your Attachment... 52 42 Displaced Emotions Adversely Affect Your Health... 53 43 Choose Helping, Not Hindering... 54 44 If You Are Feeling Bad, Be Helpful... 55 45 Your Guilt is an Unlearned Lesson... 56 46 Open Yourself to the Treasure Within... 57 47 Take Time to Wrap Yourself in Angel Wings... 58 48 On the Way to the Big Goal, Set Little Goals... 59 49 Be Grateful to Your Team... 60 50 You Can't Have It Both Ways... 61 51 Your Ambivalence is Killing You... 63 52 Your Ambivalence Keeps You in Scarcity... 64 53 You Will Not Escape What You Do... 65 54 You Will Not Escape What You Wish on Others... 66 55 Let Sex Be a Joining... 67 56 Let Sex Be a Welcoming... 68 57 Give Up Your Grievances... 69 58 Give Up Your Life of Hard Labor... 70 59 Commute Your Sentence... 71 60 Cancel Your Reservations... 73 61 Be Mindful... 74 62 Be Mindless... 75 63 When You Don't Like What You See, Change Your Mind... 76 64 Your Emotions Are Your Choice... 77 65 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark... 78 66 Receive What Heaven Wants to Give You... 79 67 Giving Wholeheartedly Makes You Happy... 80 68 When You're Feeling Bad, Commit to the Next Step... 81 69 When You Are Happy, You Give Wholeheartedly... 82 70 Expectations are the Bane of Success... 83 71 Every Problem Shows a Fear of Change... 84 72 When Something is Missing in Your Life, You're Not Bringing It... 85 73 To Be Safe, Be Harmless... 86 74 Fear of What You Want... 88 75 Be First, Do Second... 89 76 The Illusion of Independence... 90 77 The Courage to Feel Your Feelings Wins Your Heart Back.91 78 Ill Health is Displacement of Emotions onto the Body... 92 79 Our Split Mind and Independence Defends Against Emotion... 94 80 Independence Harms You When It is Dissociated... 95 81 Only Our Split Mind Stops Us from Receiving What We Want... 96 82 Every Painful Experience is Also Revenge... 97 83 Peace is the Goal of Emotional Maturity... 99 84 The Next Step Is Always Better... 100 85 Heartbreaks are Pieces of Your Own Mind That Want to Come Home... 101 86 Our Independence is Arrogant... 102 87 When You Are Not Feeling Joy, There is Something for You to Heal... 104 88 Fear Comes From Judgment... 106 89 Your Emotions Show Where You Feel Guilty... 107 90 Fear Comes From Lost Bonding... 108 91 Fear is Always Illusion... 109 92 Nobody Can Hurt You, Unless You Give the Power to Hurt You... 110 93 Fear and Resistance are the Same Mistake... 111 94 Your Self-Attack Attacks Others... 112 95 Your Busyness is Avoiding Your Power... 113 96 Nobody Hurts Us but Ourselves... 114 97 Fear and Need are Two Sides of the Same Coin... 115 98 Acceptance of Your Emotions Lifts You Up... 116 99 The Goal is Peace... 117 100 Not Getting Enough Love Comes from Guilt about Having Been Loveless... 118 Summary... 119