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  • This is a breathtaking new practical art course that completely demystifies the drawing and sketching techniques of master fantasy artist John Howe. Learn the basics of drawing as John reveals the secrets behind choosing the best materials and the correct methods for holding and using pencils to successfully planning, developing and completing your own work. Presented as a practical art course, the book progresses from basic linear and energy drawing to more advanced drawing and colouring techniques - ideal for both aspiring and experienced artists. Inside John Howe's fantasy Drawing Workshop: Drawing Kit - Details the various drawing materials that you will need to produce the art in this book, they are all very limited and easy to acquire. Graphite pencils, pastel pencils, sketchbooks, papers, putty erasers, craft knife, and you are on your way. Locations for Drawing - As long as your have paper and pencils, you can draw anywhere, though Howe shows you the importance of having a dedicated work space if you intend to draw regularly, and the value of drawing on location to bring fresh ideas and inspiration. Working with the Pencil - Useful tips for holding the pencil depending on your needs, from sketching and establishing line to shading and working on details. Drawing Techniques - How provides you with five easy steps to release your drawing hand from your writing one, as well as shortcut pencil techniques such as hatching, scribbling and drawing with a putty eraser. Drawing a Face - Faces, like hands are hardest, because we know them so well. Mastering even simple proportions can be an incredibly important step to creating convincing fantasy characters. With Howe's step-by-step techniques you will! Pages from My Sketchbook - A varied selection of pages from John Howe's sketchbooks. Keeping filled-up sketchbooks can be a treasure-trove of forgotten ideas that can later be rediscovered. The Projects - Step-by-step explanations with running commentary on ten sketches or drawings, designed as a course that will advance your ability and skills as you progress through them. The commentary is clear and helpful, and if you follow each step, you will end up with ten drawings but most importantly you will gain the confidence to develop your own drawings. The ten sketches or drawings included in this chapter are: Merlin, Drawf, Dragon, Thor and the Giant, Lancelot, Centaur, Orc, Arwen, Balrog, and Mermaid. Noble warriors and mystical elves stand side-by-side with savage orcs, dragons and other iconic fantasy characters in this highly practical, must-have guide for all aspiring and improving fantasy artists.