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Full description for The Golden Thread of Time

  • Crichton has discovered that the most important icon in Christian faith is not just what it seems to be and that the cross really was the most highly sophisticated and practical mathematical instrument ever devised by ancient Man. Having patented the working cross, Crichton then went on to discover one in the Great Pyramid at Giza proving that the cross is older than the pyramid and that the pyramid could not exist without the cross. Making an investigative voyage from the pre Ice Age peoples to the Free Masons of the present day, Crichton uncovers the mysterious and often tragic past of the real cross. This forgotten knowledge has been lost for over 2000 years reveals the true nature of ancient wisdom exposing the design and use of stone circles and pyramids. Crichton explains the meaning of the Serpent, the number of the Beast, the Vine of life at finally proves that ancient sailors really were able to cross the oceans of the world long before Columbus. Crichton goes on to show how Astrology and the Zodiac were invented and how the ancients used this knowledge to prophesy the future and understand the very nature of Time itself. Using reason and commonsense, this well written and researched work exposes the lost knowledge of the most powerful Magicians to ever walk our planet.