Game of Thrones 5-Copy Boxed Set (George R. R. Martin Song of Ice and Fire Series)

Game of Thrones 5-Copy Boxed Set (George R. R. Martin Song of Ice and Fire Series)


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  • Multiple copy pack | 5216 pages
  • 182 x 208 x 108mm | 3,942g
  • Bantam
  • United States
  • English
  • 0345540565
  • 9780345540560
  • 421

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Praise for George R. R. Martin and A Song of Ice and Fire   “The only fantasy series I’d put on a level with J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings . . . It’s a fantasy series for hip, smart people, even those who don’t read fantasy.”—Chicago Tribune   “Martin amply fulfills the first volume’s promise and continues what seems destined to be one of the best fantasy series ever written.”—The Denver Post, on A Clash of Kings   “Martin has produced—is producing, since the series isn’t over—the great fantasy epic of our era. It’s an epic for a more profane, more jaded, more ambivalent age than the one Tolkien lived in.”—Lev Grossman, Time   “Addictive . . . George R. R. Martin has created the unlikely genre of the realpolitik fantasy novel.”—Rolling Stone, on A Feast for Crows   “Epic fantasy as it should be written: passionate, compelling, convincingly detailed and thoroughly imagined.”—The Washington Post, on A Dance with Dragons   “I always expect the best from George R. R. Martin, and he always delivers.”—Robert Jordan

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About George R. R. Martin

George R. R. Martin is the no. 1 internationally bestselling author of many novels, including the acclaimed series A Song of Ice and Fire—A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance with Dragons. As a writer-producer, he has worked on The Twilight Zone, Beauty and the Beast, and various feature films and pilots that were never made. He lives with the lovely Parris in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Customer reviews

I bought this set a while ago, and just got them today. Here in Portugal, each book is divided in two parts (and obviously translated to portuguese), and they're really expensive. Each part, in regular paperback, is about 20â?¬ (25USD), which means the 5 (10) books already published are about 200â?¬ (245USD). As soon as I saw this, I ordered them. They are really tiny (we call them pocket books, I don't know if that's an international term), about the lenght of my hand, and the font size is small, but very readable (although it's even smaller in A Dance With Dragons). Also, they fit perfectly in a bag and they're not heavy. I can read them standing up, which I can't do with any other book I own, because almost all the books in Portugal are enourmous. They are indeed mass market paperback, but for the price they're really good. The paper quality is not very good, it stains a little with the hand sweat, but nothing I can't stand for this price (either this paperback quality for about 30â?¬ or better paperback quality for 200â?¬, your choice). None of them is divided, each book has a map (very small, that's a negative point), an appendix at the end with all the houses and other people, and the first 4 books also have a chapter from the next book. They arrived on the estimated time, and all the books are brand new, without any scratches. Only the box was a bit torn, but still holding the books, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. I don't know yet if there are missing pages, but I won't try to find out either, because I don't want to accidentally read anything. Overall, I'm really happy with this purchase. It was my first one from the book depository, and I'm satisfied. I couldn't help seeing that the price went up since I bought it (it cost me 31.29â?¬, now it's 37.73â?¬ - about 38USD to 46USD), but I would either wait for it to drop a little or buy it now before it goes up more
by Marta Oliveira
Ok I will try to answer everyone by explaining all box sets in the website hope that helps. And also some personal advices. First let me start with the one I got This is the most expensive box set in all the box sets that are currently out, and probably the best Contains: - 7 books (5 volumes but 3 and 5 are split into 2 parts so 7) - A Map (looks really special and the size is big enough) - Book size is the normal UK book size not those mini books like Dan Brown (so its NOT mass market) Bad things about this product - The box isnt hard enough 2 of the edges were half torn but I fixed it with tape - The books are HARD to get out. The space is just way too tight for them. Maybe they fixed it or it's just my box but thats the main reason the edges were torn. Second boxset Contains - All 5 books (3 and 5 are not split) - US Mass Market size Negative things - I dont own it but I saw it in a store almost all of the boxes were damaged, their edges were torn (if all of them then it's wether the shipping was terrible or the box is just terrible) - The box is NOT hard, a very strong paper that's it. - The paper quality isnt as good as UK paper quality. Positive things - The text is big and more comfortable than the UK (both normal size and mass market size) - Book 3 and 5 are not split - the paper is flexible and comfortable but I dunno if it falls - The price is just GREAT Third box set I personally dont recommend this box set AT ALL Positive points NONE Negative - No map - UK mass market size (difficult to open and spine will look terrible after you read it) - The text size is SMALL to a siturbing level (US Mass market WAY bigger and more comfortable) - Book 5 is not split but book 3 is. Just avoid this one. Fourth Box Set I dont recommend it. Why? 1- The box quality like the second box 2- Doesnt contain book 5 3- Read amazon reviews saying book 1 is missing many pages and paper falls and I noticed they re released it after they realised there are missing pages and marking the difference between the mistaken printed box and the one that is not by switching the places of book 1 and 2. Fifth box set - Normal UK book size - Contains 5 books (3 is split into 2) so 4 volumes but 5 books - Old covers Sixth and final box set Unavailable but its the same as the 5th but the size is UK mass market paperback The books So far only 160 pages left to finish book 1 and I can tell you that I'm really enjoying it and I don't regret getting the box set. Hope my boxset review helps you to find the most suitable box for you and I advice you if you want a great box set just get the first and if you want the so far complete books in a great price get the second box set. Enjoy reading :Dshow more
by Mohammed Talat Ebrahim
I'm very pleased with this purchase. This arrived on my home, 7 day afters been dispatched, and came on perfect condition. The books are a little tiny that i was expecting, but is great, because i can carry them wherever i want. As Marta Oliveira said, here in Portugal, each book is splited in two, This purchase, is fantastic by the price of the first book(here are two volumes), i bought the full collection:Dshow more
by Miguel
Are the books in mass market paperback or regular paperback? Please only answer if you have bought it!show more
by Ameer Lahrim
@ Ameer Lahrim: not regular, i think its mass paperback ................. @ Miguel: i think by multiple copy pack, theyre just saying its got multiple books. because in this set, there are 5 books: 1. a game of thrones, 2. a clash of kings, 3. a storm of swords, 4. a feast for crows, 5. a dance with dragonsshow more
by hawwah