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    DescriptionRomantic, liberating and totally addictive, `Fifty Shades of Grey` is a novel that will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever. When literature student Anastasia Steele interviews successful entrepreneur Christian Grey, she finds him very attractive and deeply intimidating. Convinced that their meeting went badly, she tries to put him out of her mind - until he turns up at the store where she works part-time, and invites her out. Unworldly and innocent, Ana is shocked to find she wants this man. And, when he warns her to keep her distance, it only makes her want him more. But Grey is tormented by inner demons, and consumed by the need to control. As they embark on a passionate love affair, Ana discovers more about her own desires, as well as the dark secrets Grey keeps hidden away from public view...

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Reviews for Fifty Shades of Grey

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  • fifty shades of doubt1

    margret baillie shipp I didn't read the reviews. I approached this book with an open mind but nothing could warm me to a hero that is abusive and a supposedly intelligent heroine, who is a lit major and a romantic at heart if her choice of writers is any indication, who puts up with the abuse. I could accept the control freak thing. But this guy is twenty something, has unbelievable wealth gathered in a few short years of working, acts forty something and is cruel- which is sort of unbelievable. I'm shocked at the women who read this book and abuse is acceptable in any form. I thought we had evolved. Erotic games is one thing, cruelty is something else and though he had an abusive beginning he also had a lot of privileges. He's weak. I am sorry I spent my money and time on this book. I truly am. I don't think it added anything to my reading experience except anger at my not reviewing the book first, the writer for writing what I can only assume is a book she thought might sell because of the shock factor, a female character I felt grabbing by the scruff of the neck and asking what the hell is wrong with her and a male I think should be locked up. by margret baillie shipp

  • Amazing, great and want more5

    SARAH MCGUIRE Fifty shades of grey trilogy is one of the most amazing books I have read. Fifty shades of grey OMG it has had me hooked from the start and I would read it over and over. It's a must read love it.
    My girlfriend and I are hooked and want more. by SARAH MCGUIRE

  • would love to be mrs grey5

    linda I would love to be Mrs grey that would be the icring on the cake for me as i am a single lady ... i find the book fab .. cant put it down will be trying out all on my boyfriend .. dont think he will mind do you .. cant wait to read 2 one .. hands down to El JAMES YOUR BOOKS ARE FAB ... keep up the good work like to see lots more well done on your books .. by linda

  • Fiction but giving something to think about5

    Lexje Before buying this book I read a lot of reviews. Most people seemed to dislike the controlling aspect. One person even compared it to an abusive relationship. And of course everybody was talking about her writing skills, which needed improving.

    Personally, I could'nt let go off the book. I liked the wordgames, the e-mails, but also the sad story behind it all. It's true that people have mindsets. They get programmed a certain way especially in their first years when they can't speak and use their ratio. It changes people into who they are, needing the next thirty to forty years getting rid off it all unwanted mindsets and believes.

    This book perfectly explains a person who is messed up because of his childhood. And Ana tries to understand and see if and how far she's willing to follow him in his obsessions. Throughout the book there's the struggle from Christian who's trying to understand things can be different, if only pointed out to him (again and again I might add). That's the way changes work. People need to become aware, things can be different. Until someone says so, they won't make a change. But he's willing to. And that speaks for him.

    As for boundaries. When it really starts to hurt and it crosses all boundaries with regards to pleasuring, Ana decides to leave. The big difference with abusive relationships is that Ana constantly speaks her mind, they discuss this upfront with a contract and they keep discussing what's doable and what's not. When it's not, she leaves and he lets her leave. She is completely aware of what she's getting into and keeps getting chances to get out. Once she's beaten beyond what she believes to be normal she breaks it off. That's actually a very good example for a lot of people. We can see if we like certain things. If we don't , we get out. But we do things openminded and aware of the consequences. And that's what responsibility is all about.

    I'm looking forward to the next two parts. I loved the details, especially the emails and the subject. I liked the (playful) sarcasm and I really got into the story. It's a lovely mix of getting in the right mood because of what's written, but also becoming aware of what certain events can do to a person.

    No need to get upset with the author. She has done her reseach and it's got a wonderful storyline. by Lexje

  • Not a bad read...3

    G Lofts This is my final review on the books (kind of started backwards but hey) and would just like to say this book and the other two, have created a lot of attention and that's not a bad thing. For me I've been reading erotic (mainly gay) fiction for a while, and was told about this book by a friend who knows I'm into adult fiction so thought, why not give it a go? Hey I'm curious and love reading.

    Obviously this book isn't based on a gay couple (I wonder though how that might have been though if it was, and if it had gotten as much attention...), it's written in Ana Steele's P.O.V where she has been dragged into interviewing this big CEO of a company as her mate as the flu. Enter CEO Christian Gray. The interview goes alright, and a day or so later while Ana is at work said CEO turns up at her store. From there Ana wants to know more of Christian, Christian warns her off, and does she listen... No. Then again Christian doesn't exactly stay clear of her either.

    To cut it short they start to see each other but not in the normal type of relationships people have. Mostly cause Christian is into domineering S and M relationships and Ana has had no relationship before him what so ever, she's a newbie to love, relationships and sex.
    I found the book quiet funny during parts, and enjoyed the signatures of Christian's emails. Along with the emails as well, not something I'd seen before in books and quiet liked it.

    As for some readers of the book who have read it and found it quiet horrid for it being a man domineering relationship, I do find that a tad odd. Firstly, the female character Ana is made aware of the relationship... After all there is a contract, which you do get to read about what it all includes... And also if you find male domineering fiction irritable or/and offensive, then why pick up the book and read said book? I have a hatred towards clowns, but I'm not going to buy/read "It" by Stephen King, even though I love thriller/crime fiction and have adored other works by Mr King ("The Green Mile" for one). Also the fact that his character kills off kids, which freaks me out so yeah I know of the book and film but don't read/watch it. I can understand it's been given a lot of publicity and people are generally curious, but I would always read peoples reviews of the books first before thinking shall I borrow/buy said book? Also some woman have said it's horrid but then we buy into other things which are worse, again Stephen King's weird and wonderful mind and his books which have sold very well. Just saying. And also it is, at the end of the day, Fiction.

    I have bought all three books, and have quietly enjoyed them but unlike others who have loved the books I'm not one of them. They are good, and I have found them interesting in parts and slightly irritable in other parts, but then not everyone likes everything. Do I regret buying them, Not really, I adore books and reading and if I don't read them again I can always donate them to a charity shop for someone to try them out at a cheaper price, but I think I probably will read them again, not because they are amazingly written fiction, they're just a good read. And a nice escape from real life and other books I have. by G Lofts

  • If Only...... It was that good4

    Deborah Hodgson What a great imagination the author has, I'm a medical professional and I'm not sure what she writes is humanly possible though I wish it was. The disturbing overture is the male dominance and denigration of a woman in 2012 and by a female author.
    Yes I read it all but I won't be letting my husband read any of it, god forbid that type of relationship even exists. I suppose I read it to see what the hype was about and as a learning tool.
    I may just be jealous that for some there really are great outcomes. by Deborah Hodgson

  • Oh dear.....1

    Danae Brazier Good grief! This book was recommended to me, admittedly by a friend who warned me it was 'mummy porn'. She now has read all 3 books four times each?!
    This book is Mills and Boon meets soft porn written very very poorly.
    If I had a dollar for every time certain phrases were repeated I'd be almost as wealthy as the author!! Fair enough, she knows her SnM but perhaps a ghost writer, or at the very least a perceptive editor, would have raised the bar a little on this one as a work of almost believable fiction. (The film Pretty Woman worked!)
    To be reading a story in 2012, the premise of which is controlling older man sweeps young woman off her feet amidst nasty sex, is, at the very least, highly disturbing. My daughter is the same age as Ana. I would hate for her to read this trilogy. She is an independent, free thinker but as with all of us, desires romance. This is gutter writing at its worst. I teach Writing to 16-18 year olds. Thankfully none of my 45 students write this badly.
    The sad and sorry truth is that women are flocking to read it. The same friend who recommended it saw several ladies reading it at an airport recently, more were reading it on the plane. All of these women were apparently middle aged. What a sad stereotype!
    I admit, I did order all 3 books and I did read them.
    I felt sure it could only improve as I turned the pages.
    I was wrong! by Danae Brazier

  • Don't waste your money1

    Katie Power This book is the most ridiculous tripe I have ever read. I would have stopped but wanted to see what all this 'erotica' is about.

    Well, put it this way, its not worth reading all the useless nonsense around it just to get to the erotic parts.

    The story is unrealistic. The situation is unrealistic. A virgin in pigtails who gets hooked on S&M with a handsome billionaire.

    Yeah right. by Katie Power

  • Read and enjoy, but do not expect a literary classic!3

    Helen Pollard Ok this book is not bound to become a literary classic. However, if you take it for what it is, which is a modern day Mills & Boon, it is an enjoyable light read, although by 2/3 of the way through I was overloaded and bored with the "bedroom" scenes. I followed the hype and read the book which has accurately been described as "Mummy Porn". Whilst there were aspects of this book that I really enjoyed, I would hate for my daughter, who is just entering young womanhood, to read this book and think that it is ok for men to treat women this way, or somehow think it is normal or that it is love. Its not the BDSM that is disturbing, it is a man who can only be intimate (in almost every erotic section) by restraining a womans arms and hands - the most simple way to remove or diminish someone's power to say no, who cannot let a girlfriend visit her mother without dropping in even after she expressly told him that she needed space from him, who provides her only means of communication with phone and computer of which he can access, who becomes instantly hostile and makes his partner feel worried and intimidated when she is around any of her male friends etc etc etc...this all reeks of domestic violence and is not erotic at all...My inner goddess was finally waving her pom poms for Ana by the end of the book. Mr Grey possesses some redeeming qualities and I hope they are further explored in the next two books. by Helen Pollard

  • Addictive!4

    Liz Cush The story follows a girl called Ana, who goes to interview this big-time entrepreneur in place of her best friend because she's ill. When Ana locks eyes with the extremely luring Christian Grey, she is immediately drawn to him. Coincidentally, he shows up in the store she works in a few days later looking to buy some supplies and she ends up setting up a photo shoot for her best friend with him. As things go on, she finds herself falling for him but he is definitely not what she expected him to be. It turns out that he is heavily into BDSM and he wants to control he in every way. Shocked and curious, Ana must decide if she is willing to do this one thing for the man is she slowly but surely falling for to make him happy.

    I literally finished this book about 5 minutes ago and I have no clue where to start.I have never read any sort of book like this before so I didn't know what I should expect. But holy, it was extremely descriptive! The author literally talked you through every single time they had sex, in excruciating detail. I'm still slightly undecided how I feel about the book right now. It was ridiculous but at the same time, addictive. There was nothing that wowed me about E.L James' writing. I have definitely seen better but I have also seen worse.

    I think what shocked me the most was how Ana was actually considering doing this stuff with him. I wouldn't mind if she actually had sex with someone else before and had a bit of knowledge of what she was getting herself into, but she didn't. At all. And Grey assumed she WAS experienced, just because the way she spoke to him in the interview. Big shock for him when she told him she was a virgin. But even after he showed her his 'Red Room of Pain' and all of the sex toys, she was STILL interested even though she barely knew this man since she only met him a few days before hand. It just doesn't make sense. For all she knew, he could of been some crazy, psychopathic rapist. Any sane person would have ran for the hills but, no. Not Ana.

    I didn't like the way she fell for him instantly. Like I said above, she barely even knows this guy, then suddenly she's madly in love with him and it will kill her to be away from him for too long. I can't stand when females are weak and helpless like that. I would have much preferred it if there was actually a full buildup to her falling for him, but it was literally just sex. He wouldn't even let her touch him for Christ's sake. We also still don't fully know why either. There was only one time in the book where I felt like they had a deep connection and that was when he brought her gliding. That was by far my favourite part of the story. I was actually smiling whist reading that chapter.

    Despite what I said above, in some weird way that I don't understand, I still liked the book. I liked the general plot line. It was new (to me anyway). Even as I'm writing this, I'm completely torn on what rating to give it. And like I said, it was extremely addicting. I finished it in no time at all, which I thought was good considering it was over 500 pages long. I enjoyed the ending too, it was a good cliff-hanger and it really makes you want to read the next book to see what happens.And with that being said, I finally settled on a rating. by Liz Cush

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