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  • Five out of five devil horns: m/ m/ m/ m/ m/5

    Stella The Encyclopaedia of Hell is not a good book for the easily offended (unless you don't want them coming to your house again, in which case it's probably a clever gift idea). It is, however, an excellent book for those who aren't overly sensitive and have a warped sense of humour.

    I loved it. It is written as an encyclopaedia, but don't let that put you off. Think of it as an entertaining story about the invasion and annexation of Earth by the forces of Hell, interspersed with a collection of brief, alphabetically themed jokes.

    My favourite thing about the Encyclopaedia is the extra content hidden in codes and ciphers throughout the book. This hidden content is a lot like the bonus features on a DVD - if codebreaking isn't your thing or you just can't be bothered you can enjoy the book on its own, but if you do want to decode the hidden content you'll have hours of bonus fun. I wish more authors would take this kind of interactive approach, and hope to see more from Martin Olson in the future. by Stella

  • Grotesque, disturbing, but funny!4

    Cate Ten Encyclopaedia of Hell makes fun of EVERYTHING in the human race from acne to zippers. It is an invasion guide proposed by the Ruler of Hell, Lord Satan himself. This is how we humans seem to the demons.

    Think along the lines of Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide. It is not to be taken seriously. The terminologies are described in the most sarcastic and surreal ways meant to show that humans are lesser beings to demons. It also talks about eating humans, diseases that make human flesh "taste better", mentions of suicide, stupid politicians, etc. It's not for the faint of heart... and those without a sense of humor.

    My favorite parts are editor Zyk's memo. His affair was so hilarious! His narration was so animated and just flat out funny. I honestly found myself just breezing through the encyclopaedia part just so I can get to his letters sooner. There were parts of the book that got a bit redundant. They were still funny but as it went on, I got a little bored and it didn't quite have my attention anymore.

    I also liked the illustrations. Again, not to be taken seriously. Many are grotesque representations of the key demons mentioned. You'll be transported as if you're reading Satan's manuscript from the cover, to the layout, even the spelling of some words!

    Rating: 4/5.

    Recommendation: Go into this with a sense of humor. by Cate Ten

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