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  • Read and learn as James O'Hanlon and Donald Clifton describe how elementary and secondary principals, identified as outstanding, carry out their work. According to the authors, these principals resemble highly effective managers in business in their adherence to the tenets of positive psychology. While the position of principal is highly demanding, the stimulation of the work involved, accounts for much of their success. Their competitiveness makes them want their schools to be the best, and to them, each day is an opportunity to achieve that goal. Their optimism and reflective nature enables them to turn potentially negative situations in positive directions. Celebrating is both a way to teach desired behaviors and to create a positive work environment. They put attention on vision building as a way to capture the energy of all in the school to work in positive directions. When asked what brings them their greatest satisfactions in their work they do not focus on high achieving students or groups, but rather they talk about students who have succeeded against terrible odds. This success brings them pleasure, knowing they have touched a student's life in an important way. Effective Principals will: provide direction for potential and practicing principals, help school patrons to identify what kinds of principals to seek for their schools.