The Darkest Night

The Darkest Night

Book rating: 04 Paperback Lords of the Underworld

By (author) Gena Showalter

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  • Publisher: Mira Books
  • Format: Paperback | 384 pages
  • Dimensions: 106mm x 174mm x 30mm | 200g
  • Publication date: 18 September 2009
  • Publication City/Country: Don Mills
  • ISBN 10: 0778303594
  • ISBN 13: 9780778303596
  • Edition statement: Library ed
  • Sales rank: 6,714

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Customer reviews

By Najla Qamber 24 Jan 2012 4

I finished this book yesterday (I think) and WOW! Okay, don't get my wrong and all but the romance in this book was kind of corny and toooo lovey dovey for me BUT I can't complain because I really love the whole evil falls in love with the good, etc. An extra plus for me is the steamy s** and all the hot men. Damn! Can this book be any satisfying! O.O Okay... that sounded wrong. But you get what I mean.

Forgive me for my unformal review. I just can't help it. The book was just THAT good. Maybe not as good as the Blackdagger Brotherhood but it was still good.

Conclusion: It was quick-ish, fun, serious, steamy, hot, romantic alllll rolled into one book and if you're fans of the BDB Series you'll love this one! Now, I have to strategize how I'll be getting the other books. (hmm).

By Rui Yi Lim 03 Dec 2011 4

*Contains Spoilers*

Loved the cover. Grabbed the whole of Showalter's book series just because the covers looked hot. It still does, and I'm glad I stumbled upon this author for paranormal romance books. It doesn't mean that I'm more prone to giving positive reviews though, but catching my eye has already earned a score.

Anyway, although Showalter did put effort in the introduction, I felt that it wasn't explained enough, and I still feel so. Perhaps more about Pandora should be explained. Why would Zeus punish Maddox over killing Pandora? She wasn't his first kill, and nothing was done before that. It was just when it comes to Pandora, then Zeus became ... What? Mad over the woman's death? More into the history would explain a lot to the readers. Why was Pandora chosen over the warriors? Were they really that poor in their skills? Okay, so even if Pandora was chosen over them, they're supposed to be elite warriors, ummm really cool ones, not a bunch of sore losers. Since Showalter decided to change the well-known story of Pandora, it then became not-so-well-known anymore, and because of that, more details and a lengthy introduction would be really helpful.

I understand that this book is about Maddox and Ashlyn. So more should be written about him, should it not? In fact, I feel that the story ended too quickly. I was screaming for MORE because I felt like I didn't quite understand Ashlyn yet. Maddox has pretty defining words and adjectives, but that's all I know. I can't really give any suggestion for this, for I'm not a writer myself, but if I say that something is lacking and couldn't understand Maddox or Ashlyn very well, then it is. In fact, it felt like Showalter was struggling to describe and define how 'Violence' would act like. Was a nice attempt though, if it's true.


"But-but..." She couldn't allow him to send her away. She needed him. Yes, she'd only just met him. Yes, the only things she knew about him were his name and the fact that he threw daggers with expert precision. But she was already horrified at the thought of losing the silence. "I want to stay with you." She knew desperation seeped from her, but she didn't care. "Please. Just for a little while. Until I learn how to control the voices myself."


Like I said, so much more could be written. Just... These many pages wasn't enough. Why would the girl prefer the silence to stop and not her safety? I know she's suffered from having this unique ability of hers, but seriously, to prefer death over it is absurd, especially what she'd been trying to do is survive (till now). If I'm guessing correctly from the author's point view, the reader is supposed to know that this is the 'pull of mates' or what do they call it... Oh, the "strong unknown attraction between mates etc etc". She's suppose to feel safe with Maddox (I think). So write more on it. Don't leave me guessing from my experience in reading paranormal romance stories. Imagine if this was the first time in reading a book like this. I'd not have understood this 'love' thingy going on.

Here's something:

"Boneless, she lay on his chest."

Oh dear life of mine, I do not know what to say for this one.

Anyway, this is a typical paranormal romance book, what I read was a love story between two very helpless people, which was very well written and portrayed. The interaction was good, the storyline was interesting, and it's perfectly my type of book. Leaves me hungry for more and curious of what other demons would get for their lovers.

I give it a 4/5.

Note: This is not my complete review, the complete review contains many more quotes from the book. You can read the whole review on my blog:

By Shayla 19 Feb 2011 3

I picked up this book much to the hype on the series but I was let down. It didn't grab my attention. The plot was not well developed and the main characters lack depth and personality. I am now contemplating on whether to get the second to the sequel as many claim it to be better than the first?

By Shayla 19 Feb 2011 3

ops..I reviewed twice..sorry

By Karen 23 Jan 2011 5

Although this is listed as the first book in the Lords of the Underworld series there is actually a prequel. This is the Darkest Fire, the story of the Guardian of Hell (Geryon) and the Goddess of Oppression (Kadence). It is contained in the Lords of the Underworld Bundle with the books 1,2,3 included. It provides some background information. The Bundle is good value.
The Darkest Night introduces all the men who were the warriors of Heaven until they killed Pandora and released all the demons contained inside the box. As punishment each warrior had to house (contain) a demon. Maddox is the keeper of Violence. Insane and without control of their demons in the beginning the men make powerful enemies amongst mankind called Hunters. Inside each romance there is a continuing storyline about finding four powerful artifacts that will show the way back to Pandora's box.
I enjoyed each book and looked forward to the next one as the author manages to make you curious about how the next guy will fall, and what type of woman it takes to bring them to their knees.