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    Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor England, Their Presence, Status and Origins (Paperback)


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Reviews for Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor England, Their Presence, Status and Origins

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  • is it true?5

    alim This does open a new view on how we look at English history and it might even make some of us look at our self a bit different. Rewriting the missing pages of history is no easy task, but would we be able to accept it? This is a subject that most of us can't deal with and some don't even want to, but it's a chance for the up and coming to see their ancestors light in the past and let it guide them to the future. by alim

  • What a Significant read!5

    Selena Carty Each chapter of this book intertwines the history that I have grown up reading and watching. Now I have been able to see a fuller picture. This picture includes my ancestors, who have played an integral part in Tudor/English History.
    I am grateful to Onyeka for his Inspiring efforts as my son will now have the opportunity to be empowered by the fruitful history of his people in the country that he calls home. by Selena Carty

  • Great read!!5

    Duara I found `The Blackamoores' to be a refreshing change to the image of every African being a slave in English history.

    The book gave facts in a new style and the fine art used forces you to take a second look at what these 'Blackamoores' were like.

    Informative, inspirational and thought provoking are but a few words I can think of to explain this book.

    Well done! by Duara

  • Fascinating5

    Kwabz One for the scholars.

    Fascinating insight into narrative rarely told in history books when looking back at the Tudor period. Consequently this book provides a more holistic view into Europe during the Tudor period. by Kwabz

  • Beautiful5

    David King The cover page is a story in itself. Dignity, Grace, Poise...some words that certain scholars would deny could even be applied to the African by the European, during Tudor times.

    This book opens up as many questions as it answers.
    Truths of how England developed into a "dignified" nation are effectively challenged in this book. The contributors to her greatness were certainly not all slave owners, just as the Africans who arrived in England were NOT all slaves.

    This book overturns many entrenched ideas about the history of our home.
    It must be appreciated that work like this must have taken years to compile.

    Congratulations to the author on a fine body of work. by David King

  • Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor England, Their Presence, Status and Origins5

    P Mison Excellent! the black presence in Tudor times, by Onyeka the book examining preslavery which most historians continue to regurgitate. Onyeka read more than 250,000 documents over 14 years of research which revealed that blacks were present in greater numbers then than they are today and blacks also contributed more society with the skills they brought with them. It's an inspirational book and should be included at all levels of education. Very important one of a kind which is the with out doubt the foundation to restore balance of the black experience. The best book have a read this year. Just read it! by P Mison

  • Amazing, totally mind altering5

    Tanya Jones Looking at history and trying to understand it is hard. The only reason why you find it hard is because you always look at it from a 20th century prejudice perspective.
    This book makes you understand that the perception you have of era's have been given to you by someone else.
    Just because one set of people are treated a certain way in one era does not mean it was the same in another.

    The world informs Africans that they always came to England via the Wind Rush or we were slaves. This book SHATTERS this fraudulent statement down to mere gossip or Chinese whispers.
    We need to read this and include it in all matters of children's history. We need to be able to understand who we are and what we are capable off.
    It is a MUST read for all the family. by Tanya Jones

  • Top review

    You have to read this book in your lifetime!!5

    T Fernande This is a brilliant book!! I've never had an interest in the history of Tudor England as the African presence was never highlighted but this book has awoken this new love for history that I never new existed. There is soo much knowledge to gain from this book and for the price you are actually getting a bargain, I highly recommend this book, great for all generations. by T Fernande

  • An amazing acheivement5

    D Hunt Onyeka has to be saluted on the production of such an extensive and thorougly well reserched history book. The author has some real tenancity that's for sure! This is 461 pages of the history of African/Black people in Tudor England. What Onyeka has done in this refreshing publication is fill in the gaps and the ommissions that many of us in England and across the world do not know even exist.

    I am only halfway through this book but felt I needed to review now as I am totally blown away. This is a worthy addition for not just everyone's personal library, but also a text to be used in schools, colleges and universities. Onyeka's writing style is engaging and accessible, yet it is also academic.

    He discusses a range of topics such as how Africans were described in England during this period and a real eye opener for me is the link between Africa and England during this period, before England became an extremely profitable slave trading nation. Onyeka asserts that the status of Africans in this period was not that of the slave, and that in fact many of these Africans held positions of high status in English society, including in the English Royal Courts! He doesn't just say this though, his work proves it, and this is why this book needs to be exposed to a wide audience. It is not the ramblings of an emotional person, this is a serious academic publication that deserves attention and discussion.

    The listing of the sources he has used is astonishing, and allows the novice reseracher and those intrigued by what he has taught us here, to go on and do their own digging into this buried history. A real treat are the numerous images of renaissance art in the book and Onyeka providing some context to these paintings.

    Do buy as you will not be disappointed. I have read fiction work by Onyeka previously , and am very impressed with his ability to switch between genres of writing as he has with 'Blackamoores'. I am genuinely excited with what Onyeka will come up with next.... by D Hunt

  • Africans in Tudor England5

    Deidre A refreshing look at Africans in England and at a time where Africans are not really spoken about apart form as slaves.
    Multiple reference points and facts that Africans in Tudor England had other positions and relevance in this society.
    A compelling read and a must have in every home. Everyone can learn from this book from young children to adults.
    If you haven't already got our copy, get one now! by Deidre

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