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  • Classic tales from the icy South. Of all the nineteenth-century expeditions that took place in the so-called 'heroic era' of Antarctic exploration, two stand out in terms of raw, sustained survival and the triumph of the human spirit set against seemingly impossible odds. One is Sir Douglas Mawson's1909-1914 Australasian Antarctic Expedition, and the other is Sir Ernest Shackleton's unsuccessful attempt to cross the Antarctic continent from 1914 to1916 and the extraordinary survival of his entire party after the expedition's ship Endurance was crushed and sunk in pack ice. Superbly chronicled by the indomitable Australian photographer Frank Hurley, these two narratives are combined in this timely and immensely readable double volume. With an introduction by Tim Bowden, well-known TV journalist and presenter of ABC's Antarctic documentary series, Antarctic Eyewitness is exciting reading for the polar enthusiast and general reader alike.